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New member RS265 8.08

AUS 8.08

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Hi People, New member and new Renault owner, I was made aware of this forum by Alan (Eire) over on megansport. Had my 8.08 for a few weeks and loving it. Look forward to reading the forums.


Based on the NSW south coast.



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Welcome mate!


Where on the south coast are you? Keep an eye out around Jervis Bay/St Georges Basin if you're around there :wink:

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Welcome aboard. Do you have much of a history with hot hatches?



Thanks. previous cars include:

Datto 1600 (FJ20T)

Datto 260z

Celica GT4

Hyundai coupe (XTREEM hot4's car)

Datto 1200 ute CA18dett (TUFAZZ fast fours car)

Mini Cooper S

Datto 350z

plus a few zook sierras and Jeep wranglers etc etc.

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Welcome Aus 8.08.. Hope you enjoy your experience in the car and on line.


Your list of previous wheels brings back memories with a bit of shared exp. there.

My first car was a Dato 1600 just like this,


and I had a Mini Cooper S b4 my Clio 200.

Both great cars!

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Hi Busgo, The old datto 1600 was a special car, I got one as a 16 year old and it went through many stages of build and modification over the years. Loved the cooper S too but the looks got old for me and I fell for the beautiful looking 350z but it was a let down in the driving depatment.


Hoping the RS is going to tick all the boxes for me. It is so far.

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Congratulations on your 8:08.



Thanks mate, Whats your dealer like to deal with up there in the ACT? Havent decided if to service up there or in the Gong.

I haven't had to get anything done so far and the service team has been changed since I took my Clio there last year.


From the experience of others, they are good to deal with, but there's the occasional hiccup and someone has a bad experience. A number of Canberra RS owners use Alpine Motors, an independent workshop about 100 metres away from the dealer's premises in Phillip. I'll have more of an opinion after I've done another couple of thousand kms.


Having said this, so far I think Rolfe is streets ahead of the two previous dealers and they seem to be selling cars.

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Welcome John - congrats on the purchase.


Alpine are great - Louis is a good guy, no bullsh*t, knows his Renaults, and they have looked after my cars well - but I wouldn't call them cheap. Doubt they could beat the cap price you mention. Most of us that go there have older cars that are out of warranty.


Never used Rolfe so can't comment.

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Thanks guys.


Wolf, Havent had the chance to take any pics yet, nothing really to show anyway as its stock standard.


Then have a nice sunset in the background and giddyup!

Great looking car... we don't tire of admiring such fine vehicles. :wink:

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