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  1. Cheers hamstrung, a few years since I did it
  2. You can switch it on and off. From memory it's something like turn key to on position (but don't turn the engine over), then turn the lights on and off manually 3 times and you should hear a beep. If that's not right it's similar.
  3. 250 here with 7 & 9 year olds. No dramas at all, although they don't really like not being able to see out the window. 7 year old has just ditched the booster but it wasn't an issue. I actually convinced myself that I needed a 4 door when the kids were younger, so I traded my old 172 for an XR5 and regretted it. We do have the family barge (SV6), but I still do the school run in the Meg a couple of days a week. Also not a problem carting all 4 of us around, but we do use the SV6 for the family holiday trips due to the extra boot space. Speedfiend nailed it with his last sentence.
  4. Nice, haven't seen too many silver clio 4's yet! Welcome!
  5. Likewise - good to meet you Damian. Also good on you for diving in to the mechanicals and getting to know your little frenchie so intimately already
  6. Wot Wade said. Easiest way to tell the diff between a 172 & a 182 is the exhaust and wheels. 172 single hidden exhaust and 15 inch wheels, 182 twin exhaust and silver 16 inch wheels, 182 cup twin exhaust and anthracite 16 inch wheels. Of course wheels can easily be swapped around between 182's but they're the general indicators. Remember to check servicing, with the timing belt the most important item, which needs to be changed every 4 years ($1000 bargaining tool if it is due).
  7. Order the parts from Wolf and get Louis (at Alpine) to do the work and you may get away with not much over $1k - and yes these cars are addictive little buggers
  8. Welcome to the Canberra crew Damo - are you northside or southside? Belt is due on time, talk to Wolf on here for cheaper genuine parts. Canberra drive days are few and far between, but we do get together occasionally. Also there is another Canberra member, EvilB, who has a few wrecks if you're after bits and pieces - comes in handy.
  9. I went from a 172 to a practically new XR5 on the premise of having growing kids, need bigger car, 4 doors etc. It felt like I had lost a relative. 1 year later and I was back in a 172 grinning from ear to ear. Pics, pics, pics.
  10. Weezer


    Welcome Sean, congrats on the Phase 1 - the Battle of Waterloo is on this Sunday (UK v French car show). It's at Rond Terrace. north side of Lake Burley Griffin, bottom of Anzac Parade - so if you're around come on down, a few of us will be there to say g'day. You never know, there could also be a few more knowledgeable than me to help you with the throttle.
  11. Welcome John - congrats on the purchase. Alpine are great - Louis is a good guy, no bullsh*t, knows his Renaults, and they have looked after my cars well - but I wouldn't call them cheap. Doubt they could beat the cap price you mention. Most of us that go there have older cars that are out of warranty. Never used Rolfe so can't comment.
  12. Agree, 2118's are the best looking wheel for a phase 2 check out Domlebo's car if you want to see what they look like. Other popular wheels are Speedline Turini's, Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2's, or if you can afford it go for some OZ's!!
  13. Weezer

    New 172

  14. Welcome, good to see another Canberran join the ranks. There are a few of us which go for a blast out to Corin or Brindabella Road every now and then, so keep your eye out in the social section. +1 for Alpine, haven't tried Roger Keft, and as Exar says Evilb is the guru and has helped me many times.
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