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  1. Wheels and decals point to 8:08, there should be a plaque near the cup holder with the number.
  2. Can't wait, will be good to have it up on the new member of the family
  3. DerrickC

    Site theme

    Yay! I can reply to stuff now.
  4. I will try to see if I can reset the password on my other account... from memory it was the same email address used since I never really had to create the new account. My old alias was MrAsia, new one is MrDerrickC. Thanks Deb!
  5. So what I thought before was true, it appears that my previous alias has split off from my current alias. This was my original username, it shows posts from recently however I haven't had the alias tagged on posts for a long time. http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/profile/14919-mrasia/ I believe Dish was aware of the feature of allowing usernames to be changed as he assisted in changing my ID. Here is an example of someone quoting my post showing my ID however the post I made reverted back to my old ID.
  6. Not sure if it is related however during the last forum update there was an ability to change user IDs (feature was removed after I believe). Not sure if that caused something to go out of sync in the backend. EDIT: It seems all my profile details have been reset, along with my display pic. Only thing retained as joined date.
  7. Just noticed that my post count has reset, noooooooo. Hahaha
  8. Try searching in specific sub forums, that will not require you to search 172, 182 etc as most threads should be in the correct section.
  9. Strange, the thread normally it doesn't appear at all until an admin approves it. There are requirements to minimum post count I believe also.
  10. There's a name change history in the profile. I can edit posts from days back...
  11. Done! Giving back to the community that has given so much back in return
  12. Yay!!! I can change display names!!
  13. You can host it using gravatar, I had the same issue with 0kb limit and just decided to host elsewhere.
  14. People tend to go for RSTuner here as some results from Bluefin for the RS250 were running lean. Can't comment for the 200EDC.
  15. Good luck! LY is definitely a beautiful colour. I still love to stare at my car. Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  16. I love the black, especially when all stealthed out. However speaking to owners, it is a bitch to maintain. Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  17. DerrickC

    Clio WRC build

    Nice!! Good to see the buyer (you) to the forums! Was such a nice build. Welcome!!
  18. Getting in before the thread gets locked
  19. DerrickC

    Hi all

    Welcome aboard! !
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