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Is it just mer did my work ban OZRS.com :(


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Looks like there are a variety of issues going on - might need to get bremund onto it...


But to answer the original question, yes, it can happen. My previous workplace banned OzRS (and most other phpbb forums as far as I could gather), but that was only until one of the IT team bought an RS Clio... it was allowed thereafter :wink:

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Off and on since last night on the iPhone, haven't yet checked the computers. Most of the time it is not working though grr...

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Works on iPhone wifi sometimes, 3G it's working rarely. iMac has no issue, nor does the laptop, there seems to be no pattern to this.

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Just thought i'd post here to mention that I could not get on to OZRS today at all.


Internet explorer kept coming up with the "OOPS could not find......." reply.


Had some nerds that afternoon who said it was a DNS issue???? That my work was not recognising it for some reason.


Anyone else experienced similar???

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