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  1. Just guessing...but would that be to do with 'Cruise Control Over-ride ?'
  2. Looks like I have to relinquish my membership of the forum now 😝
  3. I've had an RS250 / RS265 as my Daily driver since 2011 in Sydney. No back problems (now the bones in my skinny arse...that's a different issue 😆)
  4. I had the same error at Login-Screen last night. May have been coincidence, but my PC had been bugging me for a 'Java Update' for the past couple of weeks...so I did the update and the Forum was working as normal again, after that.
  5. Mine's never been on the Track...and never will be. It's pretty much my 'daily' most of the time. Also, check the version of 'R-Link' in the car you are looking at buying. With the right version, Android Auto can be enabled with a little bit of fiddling. (See the link on this forum)
  6. Not sure what system you have in your particular car. However, if it is the same as mine with R-Link...even though it can't connect to the phone via 'Manage Devices' select the '+' sign and this will allow you to select it and Delete.
  7. Personally, I think any colour will sell. My RS250 was White, and my current RS265 is Liquid Yellow. Neither of these are my first choice in colour....but I still bought them.
  8. Had an RS250 as a daily and when it got written off in an accident I replaced it with an RS265 which is also used as a daily. So, yes...recommended. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks for confirmation....I was starting to wonder if I had some aftermarket thingy in my car
  10. I think that depends on the individual. Personally, I drive a rental the same way I drive my own cars (and in my case, that isn't 'hard'). ...and what is unusual with the Gear Knob ? Looks the same as mine (which I admit was purchased 2nd hand, the car not the knob, and is different to that which was in my RS250)
  11. I was also lucky that we had a second car that could still be used as a "Family" car...Ford XR6 (which was later replaced with an FPV GT). Cars have their own personalities : I had an XR6T which was like Mariah Carey....man could that car hit the high notes My FPV GT is more like Adele....low rumbling voice and then stand back as the volume increases The RS250/265...well that's Jennifer Lopez...forget the singing and just look at that ass
  12. Ahhhh...this takes me back a few Years. Like you, I went from a Mazda 6 Luxury Sports Hatch (2008) to an RS250 (2011). Obviously 2 completely different cars. The Mazda I had was refined and very comfortable and the Bose Stereo was brilliant. By comparison, the RS250 was plain inside (although the Recaro Seats really gave it some wow factor)...and thoughts on the Stereo are best left unsaid. The Mazda 6 could best be described as a "nice" car with very practical uses (it was perfect for picking up Ikea Furniture). The RS250 was not practical at all. But boy...was it fun to driv
  13. Congrats...and nice colour choice.
  14. Did something change today ? My Screen looks completely different now than it did earlier this morning.
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