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  1. Same here, super annoying! The forums appear to be pretty quiet?
  2. My father in law is in the market for one, he liked what he saw but thinks the 2.2 litre NA engine wont have the grunt to tow his caravan, even though it's rated for 2 tonne. I tend to agree, why didn't they release it with a turbo/diesel engine? Seems silly to not give people an option to upgrade the engine.
  3. When will the sites address be fixed? If you google "ozrenaultsport" the first 2 results are broken, and there's no longer a link to the invision site.. Not good IMO. I know this is a labour of love but this doesn't take long to fix... Cheers
  4. I think you're pretty much on the money. Have you driven a 250/265?
  5. Correct! Britax have the trufix model out now
  6. do you need the 4 doors? If not, go the R26
  7. portal

    New wants a tune!

    What's the power and torque increase?
  8. Yeh Alpine Affaire is in your neck of the woods. http://www.alpineaffaire.com.au/
  9. portal

    New R26 Owner

    Yeah, thats what Im hoping for with the remap Would eventually like to look into the short shifter, the gearbox is so silky smooth though.. True, but the throw is too long IMO...
  10. portal

    New R26 Owner

    Welcome and nice choice! You think it's good now? Wait for the remap. Short shifter and high performance tyres are also a must IMO.
  11. portal

    Potential R26-er

    $2400? Why so much? Timing belt and all other accessories and labour shouldn't cost more than $1500 at the most (in my experience)
  12. portal

    Potential R26-er

    Besides engine mounts and injectors the r26 is solid. All RS models have solid running gear. I'm running stage 2 map on mine for 2 years with no issues. A remapped r26 with short shifter is a thing of beauty and a super fun and evolving drive. Just drive one!
  13. portal

    Potential R26-er

    Welcome. If you're after practicality go for the gti or st. If you can live with 2 doors, the lsd and handling of the r26 is the deal maker. The yellow is an amazing colour
  14. Sounds like you need to start up your own website. How about http://www.mydemon200.com ? You can share your images with whoever you like, because it's YOUR website and not a community site.
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