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  1. Hey all. I can't seem to figure out a way to edit a post. Has that functionality been disabled? Dom
  2. Speedline Turini's. Also take a look at Speedline 2118's.
  3. I think that anything which would measurably disadvantage a party financially, is out of bounds. I.e. if it's something they are making money from (a current issue of a magazine) then it shouldn't be allowed. A year old article is no longer generating revenue for that party, so I feel it's alright.
  4. 182 non-cups are arguably a better modding platform with more suspension kits available.
  5. Confirmation bias (is that the right one?) - you will only hear when things go wrong, not when they go right. How often do you post about good or adequate customer service at a dealership
  6. https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3A ... e&ie=UTF-8
  7. I can't imagine why it would run lean. The ECU should adjust it's fuelling so it doesn't occur. Be careful with running it through the fog light - you don't want water ingress harming your engine (need a sizeable amount of water though). Intake length is also crucial for sound. Too short and it's droney, too long and you affect performance.
  8. If you want noise, go for the KTEC induction kit. I reckon it does add a bit of hp in the mid range (tiny tiny amount), and it sounds like demons. Or you could go home made too. Exhausts are another good option - they sound sh*t when they're stock.
  9. I don't not believe you. I just think there's three MAIN logical possibilities, one of which is much more likely than the other two : Your car was built to a higher standard and does not rattle. Your definition of rattle varies and does rattle according to my definition. Your car has endured a very easy life and does not rattle. You've said the car has had a "questionable" history. There's no reason for it to have been built to a higher standard. That leaves me suspecting our opinion on what constitutes a rattle... differs somewhat My car doesn't rattle much (does a bit) on s
  10. You cannot get much more power out of the engine without big engine mods (cams etc). You could maybe liberate another 10hp with exhaust and RSTuner. As a daily it would be fine to drive to work.
  11. That's a misnomer. A car's setup is always a compromise. Some people crave a little bit less roll, or firmer damping (perhaps they are on track a lot) at the expense of road comfort. Renault has to compromise for all intended customers, and they do an awesome job, but it's not perfect for everyone.
  12. It would be possible to tweak the suspension, but you'd be taking a huge risk. It's very easy to ruin the ride. I think a Megane's suspension is pretty spot on for the road. If you were tracking it, perhaps coilovers, but I daresay springs are the better option.
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