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  1. Teki04

    New Twingo Owner :)

    Nice choice Anthony!! Can't wait to see the mods
  2. Glad to have influenced your choice man! Welcome to the OZRS fold.
  3. Congrats on your purchase! I'm currently in a premium with over 1,000kms so it's nicely opened up now; goes really well and I find the edc bodes well with the GT, maybe even more so than the RS. Handling could easily show some others how it's done. Good luck with the mods!
  4. Welcome and congrats, they are a fantastic looking beast!
  5. Teki04


    That is an absolute lie! Your suggestion would be a 20LE for sure Fantastic looking Limited Edition. Do it!
  6. Welcome back! Unless you can get Paul V to have a look at it... I would shy away from it. Also, the dealer is selling it didn't mention to you it was a repairable write off?! A headlight and bonnet wouldn't have caused a write off. I'd be concerned it was water damaged (remember QLD had some severe storms last year). Best look for another.
  7. Pay up. Onto more pressing matters; what's the first mod Murphy?!
  8. Welcome... Finally!! Glad you're loving the car (and job!). FYI, here is a picture before you knew hornet;
  9. I'd like to say that the RenaultSports generally do well. I sold my 250CT at 22months old for $37,000. It was also the highest mileage at 34,000kms. Popular new. Popular used. So, don't go rushing out to buy a 5 Series GT.
  10. Teki04

    New RS265

    Welcome mate Glad you made the right choice in the end ... ! Can't wait to see the Trophy +
  11. Teki04

    Clio A&D #576

    Niall, welcome!! Glad to see you made it onto the forum, and really pleased to hear that Murphy ended up looking after you well on the delivery. Look forward to seeing it on the streets. Don't forget to join the OZRS crew whenever something pops up in the social section. Looks hot!
  12. Teki04

    Rsc angel and demon

    Car comes with a cleaning kit
  13. Teki04

    Rsc angel and demon

    Welcome! Don't think, just do. A&D comes with; Leather Recaros Projector Headlights with Fixed Cornering Light 18" Alloys with Potenza RE050A tyres Matt colour Gloss black inserts, roof and rear spoiler 2.9% finance till end of August Worth the extra $$ Colour really comes down to personal choice. Picture below taken from Walkie86 (above) makes it look fantastic...
  14. Welcome!! What is the current toy in the garage? Best way to make sure of it; forward order at your local dealer. The more forward orders with RS Monitor specified, the greater the chance it'll be included. GO GO GO!
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