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  1. Ok, it was a bug in the forum software, this has been patched by them now so should be working now.
  2. Bremund


    Ok, is it gone now?
  3. Bremund


    There have been Ads for years, if you haven't logged into the forum they show up. They should hide when you log in. I just tested and this is true for me. If they are showing for others whilst logged in please let me know.
  4. Yeah, I've changed my email address and noticed this too.
  5. Current look is a temporary thing. The copyright info was missing from the OzRS forum theme, and the forum software owners were making threats so it was bought back asap. You'll notice that the domain name has been moved over, now that the above was sorted.
  6. There's a couple of things left on my to do list. My aim is finished at end of August, I'm currently only getting the most important things done since I have a broken wrist in a cast so computer time is a bit difficult.
  7. Dish runs the Facebook group, it's there to promote the forum.
  8. There are know bugs, someone posted about in the Website Feedback section, with IE. There is a switch in the top left corner of the text edit box that changes from html mode to text mode, have you tried that?
  9. I've turned on 3 char search, it was on the old forum software so we should have it here. It might take sometime to index.
  10. The new link just automates some tasks, old way still works.
  11. rampage did the new logo, I just loaded it onto the forum
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