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She's coming tomorrow, boys!


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Got my new toy booked for pickup tomorrow and should be in my driveway by the afternoon when I get home from work.

Bought a 2016 RS Cup Premium and to say I am looking forward to getting in that seat is an understatement.

I'm sure it's going to surprise the mrs, even though she has seen pictures of it. We test drove a cup edition on the weekend, but it was white and she loved the look of it. She is not a fan of black cars and this one is black, so there is bound to be some apprehension. Apart from the colour which she knows about, she has no idea quite what sort of car it is (that is, what kind of sporty heritage it has) As far as she knows it's just a cute little hatchback and we'll leave it there for now. I guess the exhaust is gonna give it away a little, and the Recaro's.  She commented on how comfortable the seats were in our test car, but I won't tell her just yet that these are gonna hug her somewhat more than the ones we rode in. All that she knows is that it's a hell of a lot quieter than the car I just sold (A full house lowered, body kitted, tuned powerhouse Forester S edition with a full stainless system which was, ahem, rather loud). 

The truth behind selling the Forester had nothing to do with the fact that the next door neighbor is a shift worker and is built like Arnold Schwarzenegger, rather it was the result of a guy laying some grass for us out the front who says to me one day "mate, love your Foz! Is that your sons?" 

So, that was it. Now look what I have bought! I'm sure I am gonna cop the rolling pin over the head for this. Got a feeling it's gonna be worth it! 

Plans for the car? Nothing, really, although I hear the stereo system sucks, so that might be fix number one. 

Pics tomorrow! 

Great forum you have here, folks! 

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Thanks man.  Hoping my fat butt is gonna ease in there okay or it's gonna be a bad look....

Black is a pain to keep clean, but oh well, that's the price we pay. They're creating a huge bypass down here and the dust in the air is incredible. Gonna be great when its done though.

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ah nice! was this the one with nice low km and leaves all over it sitting in a yard somewhere? Looked clean though and well priced.


edit - finished reading and see it is black haha

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