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  1. especially on the EV forum - no emotion allowed there.
  2. Doesn't work using Safari on a Mac either
  3. My son, has a white one, it is a really nice coupe and the Recaro's are nice. - Congrats on the car.
  4. Too soon to tell really , first impressions , as I've only done about 150kms, I'm taking it easy - the engine feels more torquey below 3,000 rpm (mine's a EDC), so I can't tell you above 3k rpm yet. Being a hatch it's certainly more practical, the seats are comfortable , but the Recaro's in the 275 look better. The ride feels about the same in inner-city Sydney. Everyone told me to be careful as the new car turns in very easily due to the 4 wheel steering, but after the S3 , I can't tell the difference yet.. The hatch does have a nice solid feel to it, but whether it feels as agile as the RS2
  5. Welcome, I also recently joined, but Hertz also got me here after a few years , and my son into Rs275 Cup Premium... it all started here
  6. RSmfl

    New RS300 Trophy

    I just picked up a new RS300 Trophy, on Friday. I haven't driven it too far yet, given the circumstances. Still playing around withe all the settings in the R-Link -2 , still trying to find the RS Monitor software.... my most recent car were tuned VAG products, so its a bit of a change, looking forward to some track days, once its been run in.
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