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  1. Doesn't work using Safari on a Mac either
  2. 80% of my driving is in inner city Sydney , in particular Marrickville, Enmore and surrounds. So think concrete roads and bitumen roads destroyed by trucks. You certainly learn to read the road and how to move in your lane to avoid potholes, manhole covers etc. The way too many 20km/h speed bumps are taken at 20 km/k while the SUVs sail past at 60km/h, having said all that I have no issues with the suspension being too harsh. The UK forum has a discussion on the same issue and people have changed their shocks. https://www.renaultsportclub.co.uk/forum/renaultsport-models/megane/sus
  3. My son, has a white one, it is a really nice coupe and the Recaro's are nice. - Congrats on the car.
  4. Too soon to tell really , first impressions , as I've only done about 150kms, I'm taking it easy - the engine feels more torquey below 3,000 rpm (mine's a EDC), so I can't tell you above 3k rpm yet. Being a hatch it's certainly more practical, the seats are comfortable , but the Recaro's in the 275 look better. The ride feels about the same in inner-city Sydney. Everyone told me to be careful as the new car turns in very easily due to the 4 wheel steering, but after the S3 , I can't tell the difference yet.. The hatch does have a nice solid feel to it, but whether it feels as agile as the RS2
  5. Welcome, I also recently joined, but Hertz also got me here after a few years , and my son into Rs275 Cup Premium... it all started here
  6. RSmfl

    New RS300 Trophy

    I just picked up a new RS300 Trophy, on Friday. I haven't driven it too far yet, given the circumstances. Still playing around withe all the settings in the R-Link -2 , still trying to find the RS Monitor software.... my most recent car were tuned VAG products, so its a bit of a change, looking forward to some track days, once its been run in.
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