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  1. And beware. Testing has shown that BP Ultimate is actually closer to 95 than it is to 98 Caltex or Mobil 98 seem to be the best around. Possibly Shell as well but they are hard ti find in this neck of the woods
  2. Deet

    Brakes Direct?

    I will call tomorrow 👍
  3. Deet

    Brakes Direct?

    Cant find the post but someone from Brakes Direct joined the forum a while back. Who was it?
  4. Dont knock it til you drive one
  5. I have had 2 kids in the back of my ClioIV It is easy to drive around town then you switch it to race mode and hang on…
  6. Deet

    My first Renault

    Its still faster than most drivers can shift a H pattern
  7. Deet

    My first Renault

    A tune does nothing to the gear change speed
  8. Its a dual clutch gearbox. It looks like an auto but operates very differently
  9. Deet

    My first Renault

    Launch is limited to 1500 attempts
  10. Welcome You might also want to join the RenaultsportSA FB group to meet other smiling people
  11. Deet


    price seems cheap, don't loose your Mercedes keys
  12. Mine was deleted by the previous owner. It droned to the point where the car gave me headaches I have not been able to find a replacement back box so instead i have two central mufflers to get the noise back to a level I can live with I would never recommend it
  13. never heard of this on a ClioIV before, except for the cold side pipe they are very reliable
  14. Deet

    What a car!

    My fuel economy was much better after I got RSTuners to do my car
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