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  1. Deet

    RS280 Cup.

    Shame a great car is being ruined by bad dealer service Adelaide dealers are really bad thanks to the fact that there is no real competition here on most makes.
  2. And ad a metal footrest. also on ebay
  3. Deet

    Noisy EDC

    Don't hold your breath, they won't contact you. Go to the dealer and yell a lot. Complain to the sales staff. Let other customers hear you
  4. Deet

    Noisy EDC

    Complain to the dealer until they do something about it. Dont give up. Keep complaining An audio recording of the noise is handy when going to battle with the dealer
  5. Enjoy the difference, it may take a little getting used to. And a warning, you are going to start hating every other car on the road. They will keep getting in front of you and slowing you down
  6. Any exhaust place. They cut out the resonator, and weld in a section of pipe to replace it. it takes not particular skill level beyond that of any exhaust place. its an apprentice level job
  7. Deet

    Car Shoot Locations

    Corner 1 at Eastern Creek
  8. Welcome, and I wish I still lived in Sydney, better still Wollongong. There are a few roads near you I used to tear through in my old 68 Cooper S that I know the Clio 4 is just perfect for. I do miss THAT pie shop Enjoy
  9. Deet


    I worked in car audio for 20+ years. Nearly 2 of them in Perth, but that was a long time ago. I recently went looking for an installer to do a few things for me here in Adelaide/ And it wasn't easy to find someone I would trust. I started by doing a bit of a call around to thin down the list. Then went to each one left and did a bit of an interview, looked at their work ( the installers own car is a great place to start) and finally found one guy I felt would be OK. There aren't that many good audio installers around, most guys make their money doing parking sensors, dash and reversing cameras these days. I don't know who's who in Perth these days, but Alberts never were that good, and it was very hard for anyone to compete against them ( partly because the parent company was also an importer of various brands) I would start by looking for Focal dealers, I know the distributor and he is careful about who he lets have the product.
  10. Deet

    A new convert

    That does look nice
  11. Deet

    A new convert

    Welcome. Sorry I can't help you with a specific mechanic to inspect a vehicle for you, but welcome to the forum. And hope to see you cruising the Hills sometime soon. RS cars are made for the roads around here
  12. Deet

    Query: Clio RS 200

    If its post 2014, there is no timing belt, its a chain I bought 2015 RS200 Cup 2nd hand at the beginning of this year. It had 32k on the clock. I have now done another 10k, so just had its first service since I purchased it It has been faultess, a joy to drive. The only issue I have with it is keeping the tank full. Its a small tank. Other than checking its service history, I dont see anything in particular you need to look out for when buying one of these 2nd hand. The previous owner did mess up the exhaust but I have that solved now. If you happen to buy one through this group I am certain you will get one that has been well looked after
  13. Deet

    Renault Merchandise

    I think all this merch became a lot more attractive overnight
  14. Deet

    Clio Rs Mods

    I’m tempted to do the same, but just a little too far for me
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