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  1. Welcome cant answer any of the model specific questions sorry Adelaide is tuff for serving as not many a Renault specialists that aren’t a dealer ( and just one dealership ) you might want to join the local FaceBook group RenaultSportSA for local advice
  2. Deet

    New to Renault

    The Trophy is a bargain, maybe too cheap. They are Ph2 models, so there is no longer a "Premium" Cup or Sport The Trophy has lower suspension and 20 more Horses, and should cost more than the Cup Ph1 there were 5 versions (not counting any limited editions) Sport, Cup and then Trophy As you go up the suspension gets lower and firmer, The Sport had 17" Silver wheels, Cup/Trophy had 18" Black wheels and red callipers. Trophy got 20 more horses The Sport and Cup were also available as "Premium" versions with a better head unit (R-Link) and Leather seats. (Trophy always included this option) in 2016 Ph2 models arrived and they all had the upgraded Head unit so they dropped the "Premium" option and so there were then only 3 models PH1 models: Sport, Cup, Sport Premium, Cup Premium, Trophy PH2 Models: Sport, Cup, Trophy
  3. $80-100 at your local exhaust place. I warned you it would be more at a "performance" store
  4. 20 minutes work and under $100 if you go to a local exhaust place. $350 at a "performance" exhaust specialist. Two cuts with a reciprocating saw, insert section of pipe, two welds. Done
  5. I doubt any dealer will ever notice anyway
  6. Waste their time And dont be obsessed with Bose, there are cheaper, better aftermarket alternatives
  7. Its a bit tricky in Adelaide. There are two dealerships owned by the same parent company
  8. Deet

    Hey everyone

    Keep an eye out for me around the Hills in a red ClioIV Might also like to join the local Facebook group. RenaultSportSA there are a few 172/182 owners in the group
  9. Ask that question on the RenaultSportSA Facebook group
  10. As someone that spent over 20 years doing car audio.... bose is overpriced crap
  11. so its an RS280 Cup, Manual with Bose pack. That is what you asked to be found.
  12. The quote on the ad is an "RS280 Cup" I suggest you call the dealer and ask. the Sport andCcup are both RS280 (RS280 Sport, RS280 Cup, then Manual or EDC, then "options") the Trophy is an RS300 as it has more power the number is the HP
  13. there are 3 "chassis" Sport, Cup and Trophy They each have different suspension. The actual chassis is the same. There are other differences as well. There is no "cup pack" but I am not surprised a salesman told you that, he probably sees Koleos most days
  14. http://www.peterwarren.com.au/all-stock/view/2019_Renault_Megane_BFB_Rs_Sport_Orange_Tonic_6_Speed_Manual_Hatchback/20453476/?fbclid=IwAR3Dioe48oVM_xk3tDFgWA8MyQt67fZREkVf7UXcinMsC7wVyFXWFYCP0K0
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