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  1. the one thing that i don't like about the Clio4 is the size of the fuel tank. 45L is just not big enough
  2. I have owned a 2015 model for just over a year now and it has been fantastic it’s been cheaper to service than my previous car, and hasn’t missed a beat the EDC software can be upgraded to the latter firmware, so that isn’t an issue they have no hidden demons, the engine has a timing chain so no need to worry about immanent service costs. All models have the same motor and gearbox, the trophy versions get a different turbo. I had to do front brake pads and rotors on mine but most Euro cars seem to chew through them as well In normal mode and in auto it’s fine in traffic, and won’t be an issue for your wife to drive. But when you want a bit of fun, select sport mode and flick to manual shift and the thing is a rocket. Corners like a dream and the brakes are amazing If you find one, it has a good service history and drives well. Buy it
  3. Drive it is Sport and Manual mode, you won't fall asleep. 38 years of drive small, fast, manual cars, and this auto is the least boring of the lot
  4. Not going to happen. The Clio4 is now out of production And BTW don't write off the EDC until you have driven one
  5. Euro Garage on Grange Rd would be the only guys I could recommend but no idea on how affordable they would be
  6. Yes. There can be a slight whine when the car is cold. But otherwise you wont hear it This car is more about the “go” than the “show”
  7. Deet

    Back to Renault

    Everyone bags the lack of a manual option until they drive one
  8. Deet

    Flame Red RS280 Cup

    Now a limited edition
  9. The EDC in manual mode will surprise you
  10. Dont overlook the ClioIV
  11. Deet


    Go drive any RS model. You will be an instant convert
  12. Deet

    RS280 Cup.

    Shame a great car is being ruined by bad dealer service Adelaide dealers are really bad thanks to the fact that there is no real competition here on most makes.
  13. And ad a metal footrest. also on ebay
  14. Deet

    Noisy EDC

    Don't hold your breath, they won't contact you. Go to the dealer and yell a lot. Complain to the sales staff. Let other customers hear you
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