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  1. Deet

    What a car!

    My fuel economy was much better after I got RSTuners to do my car
  2. Deet

    New Clio Owner

    A tune wont effect warranty
  3. Deet

    New Clio Owner

    This is a Clio 3 The OP has a Clio 4 It will be different
  4. Deet

    New Clio Owner

    Not sure that offset will work get onto the UK based RS200EDC Facebook page and check with them
  5. Deet

    New Clio Owner

    Lots of people run 225/40r18 on the standard 18” rims. But they don’t handle as well
  6. Deet

    New Clio Owner

    My RS200edc is the most reliable car I have ever owned
  7. As someone that has had a timing belt fail (NOT in a Renault), this is not a risk you want to take
  8. Deet

    What a car!

    I have avoided getting a FMIC for several reasons. First, why I think I need one: When the ambient air temps are over 35C I can feel a noticeable loss of performance, so on the 10-15 days of the year when its really hot an intercooler would help. Over 40C it is so bad passengers notice it. BUT: an FMIC restricts airflow into the radiator, and can lead to increased oil and water temps So, on those hot days, do I really want to push the car any harder? Do I want to create a situation that compromises the engine's cooling system for the sake of better performance when it's really h
  9. Deet

    What a car!

    +1 these cars are not like the majority of "hot hatches" that are warm from the factory and need mods to get them going. Renault has actually done most of the work. Thank of it as already at ph1 out of the factory
  10. Deet

    What a car!

    Get it tuned, that is 90% of the gain
  11. Winguard in Adelaide The owner, Tim does training nationally and he was recently in Sydney with a dealer there so I would assume they might be able to help you find a local dealer They have Clear, black and white. They also have a new product which is clear with a carbon looking weave so you can have a CF finish on your base colour. They also do a clear matt finish film if you are after that look.
  12. The flag came from Ryan Kilner. He does a lot of graphics for ClioIVs. You contact him via the Facebook group below
  13. We counted over 30 chips on the bonnet and there was a huge chip right on the leading edge of the roof just above the windscreen That is not a vinyl wrap. Its a protective film. Went black instead of clear as you would still see all the repaired chips underneath clear film
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