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  1. Deet

    Coming home...

    I have concluded that all the RenaultSport models are designed to be driven hard and fast. They are track cars that are toned down enough to be driven on public roads. They want to be thrown into the next corner. Otherwise they pout
  2. Why use a butt dyno when there is documented evidence from real dynos. Paul from RStuners is fully aware of the variations between our fuels he has seen it in dyno logs from the tunes he has done of a few years across three states
  3. I have log results from my car In my car 98ron (except BP Ultimate) produces a lower timing error correction result than 95ron. BP Ultimate produces the same results as 95ron. Yes, my car has been mapped for 98ron, so I would expect that result. But I have produced a measurable, repeatable difference between the two products. The results from other cars may vary. I do know that ClioIII models have trouble cold starting on 98ron, and do run better on 95ron. Proven, and repeatable results once again. Haakon. If you are happy running 95ron, go ahead and do that. The rest of us are free to waste the extra money if we like. I also prefer more expensive bottles of Shiraz but I am certain they would test the same as cheaper ones. FUN FACT the new Mobil servo that has just opened around the corner from me doesn't sell 95ron. only 91ron or 98ron. but their price on 98 is the same as the 95 at both the Caltex and the BP down the road, so I am not actually paying any more. (And yes I get the same logs with Mobil and Caltex 98)
  4. Deet

    New addition

    Get the Clio tuned, hit sport mode and hang on
  5. results can vary between models and you may not notice a difference during normal driving but average fuel economy can seriously vary based on the fuel ron I have had a lot of conversations with guys in Clio3s and they have issues running 98. Troubles with cold starts that are solved as soon as they run 95 I have been documenting my car’s performance over the last few months and have measured the differences in my cars performance using various fuels Admittedly the car is being tuned for 98ron. But still looking at baseline data before the tuning process you could see the differences
  6. Having done a lot of log runs looking at timing error. I can say you are better iff with 98. But NOT BP Ultimate Much lower timing errors with Caltex98 and slightly better with Mobil98 That is in SA. Results in other states may vary
  7. The key is either in my pocket or on a shelf at home. you get used to it
  8. Its on Mt Barker Road. its the old BP that was disused for a few years
  9. Same over here, Stirling Caltex is about the same 35c difference to the new Mobil In Aldgate. Just want to finish the tune with the same fuel I have been using before I try a tank
  10. you are going to hate the point to point cameras on the Hume
  11. Once I have the tune finished, I will be trying Mobil next. New servo opened near me, and the caltex is the most expensive servo in my area.
  12. I am currently doing a remote rune With RSTuning and we found that BP Ultimate was causing timing issues as if it was low RON switched to caltex 98 and the errors went away
  13. the 60,000k Service on a ClioIV includes new spark plugs, Aux Belt and Tensioner You really want the original plugs. And there are a lot of reports of counterfeit plugs being sold at the moment. Also to note: the ClioIV doest have a timing belt, it's chain driven.
  14. I use the waze app on my phone, it displays current speed
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