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  1. http://www.peterwarren.com.au/all-stock/view/2019_Renault_Megane_BFB_Rs_Sport_Orange_Tonic_6_Speed_Manual_Hatchback/20453476/?fbclid=IwAR3Dioe48oVM_xk3tDFgWA8MyQt67fZREkVf7UXcinMsC7wVyFXWFYCP0K0
  2. Send the VIN to Renault Aus and they should be able to confirm the version
  3. Send the VIN of each car to Renault Aus and they can confirm which model they are, But if the Red car has red brake callipers I would suggest they are both CUP models
  4. R-link was available in both Sport and Cup variants, it was part of the "premium" or "lux" pack that also included climate control and maybe leather seats originally sport had 17" wheels (silver) Cup had 18" black wheels and lower ride height. The height is really obvious when they sit next to each other AND Cup had red painted brake callipers
  5. Deet

    New member. RS 200

    "The Last of the RenaultSport Clios"
  6. Deet

    New member. RS 200

    Given that there probably won’t be a RSClio5 I suspect the IV will hold its value longer than you might think
  7. Deet

    New member. RS 200

    Get the inlet pipe changed before it blows on you (see the ClioIV section for details) But otherwise, welcome, enjoy, and yes. Bargain
  8. Dont do it, one drive through the hills and you will be hooked
  9. Deet

    225 Cup

    Welcome, good to see another SA RS owner In case you are interested there is a local FB group RenaultSportSA
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