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  1. Deet

    Superchip tune

    Luckily I am only about 20 minutes away from long straight flat roads for as far as the eye can see. Nothing but dead wheat fields And then closer to home I have all the stages of the Adelaide Tarmac Rally But yes. I don't want to do that run too often. “No officer i didn’t realise i was going that fast. And the laptop on the passenger seat wasnt a distraction at all”
  2. Deet

    Superchip tune

    Nothing has been installed
  3. Deet

    Superchip tune

    Logs are being captured on the road not a dyno. You do a full throttle run through 3rd and fourth gear
  4. Deet

    Superchip tune

    Just finished researching various tunes. And I am now in the middle of doing a remote tune with Paul from RSTuning. In the middle because Paul’s tune is car specific. Its not just a generic file you buy and upload. I have to now do some logging runs in the car. Send the logs to Paul who then will customise the tune.
  5. 18” vs 17” wheels red brake calipers lower ride height and stiffer springs I got to park next to a Sport a week ago and its weird. The Cup is obviously lower. And its lower in the front as well. The Cup looked like the roof was level. The Sport looked like the roof sloped down towards the rear of the car. Hope that makes sense. Trophy is lower again and has more power due to different turbo rotor.
  6. I have a Cup, and live in a semi rural area. Nothing wrong with the ride height at all
  7. Given the car has been out of production for over a year now, I would grab whatever you can find
  8. The UK boys have found that after a tune, the K&N is about the same as a pod filter upgrade. But unless you tune for it, you won't get any performance gain just fitting it
  9. mine was changed at the same time as a service, hard to say what difference it made I am told they do make a difference when the car is tuned I did mine because I didn't want to keep paying silly money fro paper filters
  10. Deet

    Clio ph2

    Haven't been there myself, but Euro Garage would be my first choice. They race them
  11. the one thing that i don't like about the Clio4 is the size of the fuel tank. 45L is just not big enough
  12. I have owned a 2015 model for just over a year now and it has been fantastic it’s been cheaper to service than my previous car, and hasn’t missed a beat the EDC software can be upgraded to the latter firmware, so that isn’t an issue they have no hidden demons, the engine has a timing chain so no need to worry about immanent service costs. All models have the same motor and gearbox, the trophy versions get a different turbo. I had to do front brake pads and rotors on mine but most Euro cars seem to chew through them as well In normal mode and in auto it’s fine in traffic, and won’t be an issue for your wife to drive. But when you want a bit of fun, select sport mode and flick to manual shift and the thing is a rocket. Corners like a dream and the brakes are amazing If you find one, it has a good service history and drives well. Buy it
  13. Drive it is Sport and Manual mode, you won't fall asleep. 38 years of drive small, fast, manual cars, and this auto is the least boring of the lot
  14. Not going to happen. The Clio4 is now out of production And BTW don't write off the EDC until you have driven one
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