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  1. Take her for a drive up Macquarie Pass
  2. Deet

    New to the forum

    215/45r17 or 215/40r18 depending on your wheels
  3. Deet

    New to the forum

    Just went from yoko back to PS4 and they are much better to drive and sit better on the rim. Just go to 215s instead of the standard 205s Upgrade the cold side boost pipe before it blows on you and get a tune
  4. Hi And welcome to RS ownership There are a few of us in ADL, and we have a nice little FB group you may want too join: RenaultsportSA As to mods: Do a centre res delete and consider a tune. That will give it a nice growl and bring out the best it can deliver power wise
  5. What's the fix? Typically the whistle is the seal between the main window and the fixed glass piece in the front door You remove the external plastic trim piece over that seal. You sort of unclip the top end of it by flexing it. Then it just puts straight up and out at the bottom Inside that you will see there two seals have a gap in the middle. I got a piece of mirror grade double sided tape the length of that gap, folded it in half lengthwise so it was double thickness and half the width. Then inserted it between the too seals to fill the gap and hold them together.
  6. Deet


    the Sport is nicer on rough roads, the Cup goes round fast corners better(maybe) but you feel ever bump in the road I would NOT own either as a first car, I would not suggest either as a second car even
  7. Deet


    No. The only difference is wheels and suspension
  8. Deet


    sport 17" wheels (silver) cup 18" wheels (black), lower suspension trophy 18" wheels, even lower suspension, 20 more HP All the same motor/gearbox/running gear
  9. Hi and welcome Not a lot of tuning experience around Adelaide for RS models. You might also like to join our local FB group. RenaultsportSA
  10. Good to find another local Wre have a FB group if interested RenaultSportSA
  11. Deet


    It wont be an RS
  12. One of my favourite roads welcome to the fun
  13. Welcome cant answer any of the model specific questions sorry Adelaide is tuff for serving as not many a Renault specialists that aren’t a dealer ( and just one dealership ) you might want to join the local FaceBook group RenaultSportSA for local advice
  14. Deet

    New to Renault

    The Trophy is a bargain, maybe too cheap. They are Ph2 models, so there is no longer a "Premium" Cup or Sport The Trophy has lower suspension and 20 more Horses, and should cost more than the Cup Ph1 there were 5 versions (not counting any limited editions) Sport, Cup and then Trophy As you go up the suspension gets lower and firmer, The Sport had 17" Silver wheels, Cup/Trophy had 18" Black wheels and red callipers. Trophy got 20 more horses The Sport and Cup were also available as "Premium" versions with a better head unit (R-Link) and Leather seats. (Trophy
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