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Young Jap guy after Euro fun


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Hey guys!

So I've had my current car - 1998 Mitsubishi Legnum VR4, for a couple years now, and being a 21 year old JDM car, it's just starting to get more and more expensive. A few months ago I went over to Melbourne to catch up with some mates, and got hooked on hot hatches (2 i30N's, Stage 1 Mk7.5 GTI, and a Focus RS). While all being very different, they've all got their pros and cons. Hyundai being a first gen, VW having the aftermarket scene, but nowhere near the sportiness as the others, and the RS just being plain stupid (Crazy fun, but waaaaaay too stiff for daily work).

Started looking around as soon as I got home, and test drove a few - Civic Type R, i30N, Golf R/GTI - then figured "fuck it, let's give Renault a shot". I've always had a soft spot for the Meganes, and the shape of the RS IV is absolutely gorgeous. Nearly fell in love then and there. Been looking further and further into it, comparing it against the other standout - the Mk7.5 Golf R. While the Golf has the aftermarket scene held hostage, it was just plain dull to drive. I'm sure that after a bit of work and a tune, it'd perk up. But in it's factory trim, it just lacked excitement to drive.

The RS on the other hand, in its EDC trim just felt right. Perfect level of comfort, sportiness, Euro class, and racecar for what I want from a hot hatch. Wasn't too sure about the interior from photos, but once you actually sit in the car and play with the infotainment system, it just works.

I guess what I'm really after on here is to see what's possible to be done with an RS IV, performance and aftermarket wise, as from a little bit of searching, there's not a whole lot in Australia

I've been floating around in the FB groups for a little bit now, just gathering info from people, and figured I should give the forums a shot :)

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There is not much of an aftermarket scene anywhere in the world with most of the RS models. Most of it has been done already by Renault.

A bit of plumbing and a tune is pretty much all that is required, even for the odd track day.

The Meg 4 is a bit too new for 3rd party options to be developed yet. But there are some.

The Clio and Meg 2 models have a lot of stuff but that ids because they have been around long enough.

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G’day mate. I bought my first Renaultsport (a Megane R26) in 2011 and since then I’ve been hooked - I’m on my fifth! We have two at the moment (see my sig), I drive the Clio and my wife lets me have the Megane every now and then 😁.

I’ve spent many days up in the hills on bikes and in my cars, and I’ve competed in hill climbs in my Meganes. They are fricken awesome cars. In my last hill climb at Mt Alma I beat the second car in my class (an i30N, pedalled by a very regular motorsport competitor) by an average of 2 seconds a run and I was the first placed road registered car of the meet - not bad for a FWD against M3s and AWDs like Evos and WRXs. 

I was a bit dubious about the Meg 4 when it first came out, but after driving it for a while, I love it. It’s just as balanced and mental fast as the Meg 3.  
Renaultsport cars have that fizz other marques lack - you just want to drive them! Even my wife, who doesn’t know a clutch from a camshaft, said it. She just loves driving her car.

Hope you get one!

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Agreed. I’ve got a megane 4 RS with cup chassis and it’s and amazing car. I’ve never owned a Renault before this and it does everything well. I thought my bmw 1M was the best car I’ve owned but the megane makes the bmw feel less capable in comparison.

Like speedfiend41 I was a bit ambivalent about the car until I drove it a bit more. I don’t think there’s much that would keep up on a winding road.

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Coming from the Jap scene , it’s all about “mods” . As mentioned above theres really no need to mod  a Renault Sport as its properly set up out of the factory 

there’s Cup v non Cup , diff or not choices and then it’s just a matter of a tune if you really need it . 

Suggest get one and see if there’s any deficiencies to mod out - suspect you’ll be pretty happy just as it is . Maybe a louder exhaust ? That always helps 👍



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12 minutes ago, rob 240 said:

Maybe a louder exhaust ? That always helps 



And typically all that requires is a center res delete. A 30 minute job at pretty much any exhaust place

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On 04/12/2019 at 11:13 AM, grover61 said:

Did you get your drive??

Seems that I forgot how forums work 😂

Ended up buying one in late 2019. Picked up a MY18 2019 280 Cup in Manual with the Glacier White paint. Not a single complaint with the car so far!

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