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  1. Hey guys, went through a huge ditch with a little bit too much speed :/ Destroyed my sump and need to source another one. Anyone got a spare sump / know where I can get one? Car is a 2001, 172. Preferably in Sydney. Thanks Mark
  2. Hey guys, It's me again ha ha. Need to source a 172 Gearbox. I recently bought a gearbox but my mechanic said it doesn't have a speedo. I can get him to put my broken gearbox and the one I just bought together into one, but that will mean my car is out of action for another 2-3 weeks. Anyone in NSW selling a non-ESP gearbox? I can post a more detailed story in here a little later when I get a text message. Thanks guys, Mark
  3. Hey guys, all is sorted now. Yeah unfortunately I did get defected for having a pod filter (being on my green P's). In all honesty, I kind of deserved it.. came around a corner and made some tyre screech and just my luck there was an RBT right there.. oh well, life goes on Thanks for all your help, especially matt205 & walkie86
  4. Hey guys, still haven't got my Clio back on the road.. Only thing stopping me now is an airbox as I got defected and now rego has been suspended. I ordered a stock airbox from a wrecker who took it off a standard Clio and he guaranteed me it would fit my car. So yeah, if anyone has an airbox please message me (preferably in Sydney) Or if anyone knows where I can get one ASAP please
  5. Hey guys, Made a post about a month ago as I was having an issue with my new Clio. Just got a call from my mechanic saying that the diff housing is shattered and that I will need to order one from France (approx 3 weeks). Was hoping someone had one they were willing to sell / knew how I could source one sooner? All your help is much appreciated, thanks! **VIN: VF1CB150G25728391
  6. Hey guys, bought a 2001 172 just over a month ago. Definitely the most enjoyable car I have driven to date. However, last night i was driving up a slight hill and dropped it into third from fourth and the when I accelerated the car didn't engage the gear and it revved out as if it were in neutral. I made sure it was in gear and tried again with the same outcome. Dropped it to second as I was now losing speed and wouldn't make it up the hill with still no luck. Had to roll it back into a parking space and leave it there overnight. I am no mechanic and don't have a lot of knowledge when it comes to cars. When the car was idling with my handbrake up, I could shift the car into any gear without use of the cluth. It's as if the clutch just isn't there or required to shift but I can't engage a gear. I also tried starting the car in first but nothing happened. It's also quite strange as when I put it into fifth while stationary the speedo will jump up to 60km/h and will go higher if I rev the car. Any one got any suggestions? I think it's probably the clutch and sourcing parts in NSW has proved difficult. I use the car for work and am quite stuffed without it So yeah, if anyone has any suggestions about what's wrong or has a clutch they're willing to sell or know of one, please let me know! Cheers, Mark
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