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  1. That's the plan for early next week! Keen to see the car in its element
  2. Hey guys! So I've had my current car - 1998 Mitsubishi Legnum VR4, for a couple years now, and being a 21 year old JDM car, it's just starting to get more and more expensive. A few months ago I went over to Melbourne to catch up with some mates, and got hooked on hot hatches (2 i30N's, Stage 1 Mk7.5 GTI, and a Focus RS). While all being very different, they've all got their pros and cons. Hyundai being a first gen, VW having the aftermarket scene, but nowhere near the sportiness as the others, and the RS just being plain stupid (Crazy fun, but waaaaaay too stiff for daily work). Started looking around as soon as I got home, and test drove a few - Civic Type R, i30N, Golf R/GTI - then figured "fuck it, let's give Renault a shot". I've always had a soft spot for the Meganes, and the shape of the RS IV is absolutely gorgeous. Nearly fell in love then and there. Been looking further and further into it, comparing it against the other standout - the Mk7.5 Golf R. While the Golf has the aftermarket scene held hostage, it was just plain dull to drive. I'm sure that after a bit of work and a tune, it'd perk up. But in it's factory trim, it just lacked excitement to drive. The RS on the other hand, in its EDC trim just felt right. Perfect level of comfort, sportiness, Euro class, and racecar for what I want from a hot hatch. Wasn't too sure about the interior from photos, but once you actually sit in the car and play with the infotainment system, it just works. I guess what I'm really after on here is to see what's possible to be done with an RS IV, performance and aftermarket wise, as from a little bit of searching, there's not a whole lot in Australia I've been floating around in the FB groups for a little bit now, just gathering info from people, and figured I should give the forums a shot
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