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  1. May i ask did you get much reduction on price 😁😁
  2. What colour did you pick up as I saw they had a LY listed, what colour is the Cup (EDC or Man)
  3. Just seen AD on Carsales, asking just under $43, making much on your trade?. No interior shots, is it cloth or Alcantara and what sound system?
  4. Your test driving the Cup package, not the sound system. If nobody wasted their time, no cars would ever leave the yard 😁😁
  5. Sorry for the obvious reply , but the Orange Tonic one is Cup. Why dont you take that for a test drive??
  6. Sold whilst making enquiry 😥😥
  7. No worries, will try and speak with Gus or Cory tomorrow am.
  8. It's a Demo, would just like it checked over interior and exterior, paint etc, maybe taken for a spin. Though I figure all should be good as only 6mnth old.
  9. Hi guys, been a lurking member for a while, now ready to commit. Anyone available to look at LY RS280 Sport EDC at Cricks Highway Renault for me as i live in Adelaide and Sweet f/a available here. Gladly give beer money for time and effort. Thanks John
  10. $8k good saving, which state did you purchase in. Thanks John
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