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  1. Found my perfect RS after about 1 hour although it was a demo 😬
  2. Welcome Andrew. There is certainly a lot of knowledge on here to help you enjoy your meg. You may need another support group though as there is lots of encouragement to buy more Renault’s or any other sporting car. 😀
  3. Agreed. I’ve got a megane 4 RS with cup chassis and it’s and amazing car. I’ve never owned a Renault before this and it does everything well. I thought my bmw 1M was the best car I’ve owned but the megane makes the bmw feel less capable in comparison. Like speedfiend41 I was a bit ambivalent about the car until I drove it a bit more. I don’t think there’s much that would keep up on a winding road.
  4. abb6027

    Coming home...

    We bought our megane RS 280 cup manual the same as yours to replace my wife’s 2008 golf R32. Whilst the golf was a good car it was never engaging like the megane is. However I find the megane an interesting car, it is like its bored just driving normally and when you drive it harder it’s suddenly alive. The somewhat clunky gearbox along with the rest of the car works brilliantly when you’re driving purposefully rather than floating along. As you say it rewards you for making the effort to drive properly.
  5. abb6027

    Coming home...

    Great choice. Exactly the same as mine. [emoji3]
  6. On our recent trip to Tasmania with the megane 280 RS we found ourselves in places that only had 95. I checked the manual and as per the fuel door you can use 95 and the car ran perfectly probably a bit less responsive and used more fuel but otherwise good.
  7. Thanks everyone Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Sorry I don’t actually have any yet. About to go on a road trip so will have some shortly. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Hi Everyone, As the title says my wife and I picked up a megane rs 280 cup to replace her 11 year old golf V R32 today. We have never owned a Renault before and the quality seems pretty good compared to the golf and bmw I have. The megane is amazing to drive the harder you drive it the better it is. It’s a big call for me but I think it may be more fun than my 1M. Renault have done an amazing job with this car and so glad we got the cup pack, the suspension is very smooth at speed and the diff just pulls the car tighter into the corner. Just wow ! It’s a very good car for the money I thi
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