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  1. speedfiend41

    RS280 Cup.

    Wow. Awesome build quality. What the hell? Sorry to hear that - you’d expect a brand new car to be perfect.
  2. Except in comparison to a naturally aspirated 172, 182 or 200, the turbo 1.6 has loads of bottom end power. There’s a certain pleasure in revving the ringer out of an NA engine, but it can get a bit tiresome. Drive both. High revving manual or torquey, newer automatic. All great cars.
  3. If it’s a flat dark blue with grey Brembos it’ll be the non LSD model.
  4. I hope you charged a fortune for it! Nice Golf. Welcome. Buy a Megane Mk 3 😬
  5. Some irritating problems there for sure, but nothing that would actually put me off buying another Alfa. I don’t consider it ‘character’, I guess being over 50, I just remember all the shit cars I put up with in my automotive formative years - Beetles, the first Passats, Escorts galore and a Hillman Hunter 660 GT I owned for eight years (still a record for me!) and don’t let it bother me. All of these cars had issues which I’d either put up with or fix along the way. And none of them had one iota of the sexiness of your Alfa or the GTV V6 I later owned. So as long as it’s not a massively expensive issue preventing me from driving at all, I’d still buy a car others consider suspect. I still lust after a 159 Ti - the sexiest sedan ever made. How good are those proportions?? I love them!
  6. Only one car came without an LSD - a navy blue 265.
  7. For the right price everything is for sale!
  8. Select the + symbol, scroll down to throttle and select the one you want. I never use anything less than sport - it just feels doughy...
  9. I think the throttle settings DO make a difference. When you lift off abruptly to change gears in sport or extreme mine bangs a lot more readily than in linear...
  10. Sport mode, sport or extreme throttle setting, drive it hard, wait for the exhaust to warm and it’ll snap and pop!
  11. Resonator delete and magnaflow exhaust - you’ll love it. Beautiful car by the way!
  12. speedfiend41

    Log books

    Mate, there are so many Meganes for sale you should just keep looking. You can always check if they claim it’s got full service history with a dealer. Lots of choice out there - take your time.
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