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  1. Just for info, this OP has been asking the same questions he’s asked here on every FB page related to Renault’s. He’s been answered Christ knows how many times in all of them.
  2. That clicking feeling is normal and I didn’t know what it was for either. Nice car - exactly like my last 8.08. Res delete, off the shelf Bluefin tune, Michelin PS4S and they’re perfect 👍
  3. Mate, don’t disregard cars interstate. Over the years I’ve bought dozens of cars (and motorbikes) from other States. In May my Toyota 86 came from Perth. In August, my KTM came down from Brisbane. Have a good relationship with the seller, ask for plenty of photos, a walk round video chat, do your homework and buy!
  4. Dude. Can I have some of what you’re smoking? Epic rant BTW.
  5. This definitely can’t be lockdown rage, because you have that megalomaniac keeping you safe and happy over there in New West Ghanistan - so why so angry? 🤔😀
  6. All the Trophy’s had bi-xenons, including the 8.08. So did the RB8 (the blue one that is almost black). None of the facelift ones do, and having had both versions, I’d vouch for the better lighting with the bi-xenons. Don’t discount the ‘skinny’ Recaros, they are quite comfortable, just be aware the bolsters will wear a bit. Your best bet is to carefully go through any pictures when a car comes up for sale. These have been around so long now some of the current vendors won’t even know exactly what they are selling.
  7. We all get the same restriction. It’s so you don’t get too exuberant. It’s a Renault forum after all - some decorum is required 🤔😆
  8. Same car apart from the wheels and paint. Pearl white is really nice but not sure if it’s worth 30000 extra km....
  9. It does. Compared quite favourably to the Meg, even won a few comparisons. I suggested it because it’s competent but not as hard core as a Meg 3. Also has a very opulent interior (once you get past the button fest).
  10. Yep. In stock form, a 265/275 is a lot faster than a BRZ in a straight line. Throw in a few corners (and not too many hills) and the BRZ will keep up. It’s the turbo punch the BRZ lacks. Both are wonderfully tactile cars to drive, with feel through your butt, the wheel and all the controls. You’ll feel the torque steer in the Megane of course, and after having my 86 for a while now, I’m starting to realise how uncorrupted the steering feels in the RWD platform - it’s absolutely fantastic. I used all my Meganes and the Clio in hill climb events, and apart from losing grip off the line, th
  11. Welcome. Noticed you have a BRZ PP. I had five Renaultsports in a row then went the other way and bought a GTS 86!
  12. You probably saw I brought that up but then deleted it just in case it brought on some PTSD - man was that bloke ANGRY!
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