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  1. speedfiend41

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    Certainly was. Its not a car I’d want as my sole conveyance - this one is a family truckster for my wife. It replaced our Skoda VRS, so I won’t be in it as much. It’s a great car, but it’s not as lithe or precise as the Meg 3. That’s ok - I have a Clio A&D when I want to really get into it and two 270 kmh motorbikes when I want to scare myself. Having said that, it’s really growing on me, but it’s a big car to chuck around. The suspension tune is amazing - I can’t believe how well it rides on big 19s. And let’s face it - any Renaultsport product is a thousand times more interesting to drive than a Golf!
  2. speedfiend41

    New to forum

    Welcome. I just bought an RS280 as well.
  3. I personally think it’s less to do with tyre width than tyre weight. More unsprung weight makes a big difference when changing direction or reacting to bumps.
  4. Congratulations! As I’ve found, matte grey is fantastic at hiding dust. I love it.
  5. Got an 2006 1050 Speed Triple in Scorched Earth Yellow (Triumph colour- worth owning just for that name). About 35000km on it. Don't ride particularly hard but hold my own in most company. Love this bike. 

  6. Hi mate. I just bought an A&D Clio after having three Meganes in a row, the last a Trophy R. I’m really loving the Clio - yes it’s slower until you really wind it up, but it’s great fun, it rockets round corners and with the Akrapovic it sounds nuts. I enquired on a few before I bought mine: Theres a red A&D for sale in Queensland - the owner has spent a bit on maintenance after buying it in May. I think he’s had the belts done and also third gear synchro fixed. It looks in very good condition. Theres a grey A&D in Victoria for $24990. It’s got a few track focused mods already, a harness bar and lowered springs etc. I went back and forth with him for bloody days trying to buy his car but in the end he stuffed me around so I went elsewhere. I’m still trying to work out if he actually wants to sell it! Lastly, I enquired on the gloss red 2010 Clio for $13750. Great car with good mods, but I wanted leather Recaro’s. My tips: I am not a fan of Renault fabric. It stains easily and is hard to clean, which is why I always get leather. Apparently third gear synchro is weak and often causes issues - I have no idea why - my car feels just as good as all the Megs I’ve had - maybe some people just can’t change gears properly? As for the rest, all the usual applies - service history, in good nick etc etc. I am loving mine!
  7. You can get in and out of the Recaro’s with ease once you’ve worked it out. My bolsters never wore. The leather is a lot harder wearing than the cloth. I had an R26 with fabric seats and in that car I found the fabric was easily stained - that’s why I like leather...
  8. The toro red Clio in Queensland has had the timing belt and the third gear synchro done. I spoke with the owner a few weeks ago when it was at the workshop. Looks like a very nice Clio.
  9. Are they the same gearbox as the Megane?
  10. Yeah should be interesting! The seating position was the biggest issue for me. I grew up racing karts and I like being in the car. I’m hoping I get used to it or a lower sub frame might be on the cards. Main reasons I went with the Clio over anything else twentyish and below (Fiesta, Golf, Polo, Giulietta etc) was for the looks and because it’s Renaultsport. They know their shit.
  11. Yep. In between the 8.08 and the Trophy R. To be brutally honest, I wasn’t overly enamoured by it - the seating position felt too high and although it handled well, it didn’t feel as planted as the Meg. You might think I’m a bit nuts buying a car I’m not totally rapt with, but I’m willing to give it a go and I think after a bit of acclimatising I’ll enjoy it. 🤔😳🤞
  12. I just bought my first Clio 3 after three Meganes in a row, the last two being an 8.08 and a Trophy R. I’m yet to pick up the Clio so I can’t comment on how it drives, but the Meganes are a fantastic car. They don’t feel overly large and are quite agile. Power is ample and with so much midrange torque you can float when you want or boot it and be as fast as anything else on the road. With the adjustable throttle mapping you can range from 4WD sloppy to motorbike hair trigger - perfect for heel and toe. The exhaust note is an acquired taste - I loved it but it’s not going to be as pure as the M3 or the Clio. Theres a few good A&D’s available at the moment - have fun looking!
  13. speedfiend41


    ‘Wondering if anyone has had any experience with them’... 😂😂😂 I think you’re about to be inundated...
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