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  1. I’ve had both. We currently have an RS280 Sport EDC, immediately prior to that we had a Skoda Octavia VRS wagon will all the bells and whistles. Driving enjoyment: no contest. The Megane is head and shoulders above the Octavia. The Octavia, while quick enough, especially with the tunes available for VAG products, is very poor in comparison to the Megane. The Megane has much better ride control and damping. I can’t believe Renault engineered it to ride so well on 19s and 35 profile tyres! The Skoda crashes through bumps the Megane floats over, and leans very heavily on its outside front th
  2. Welcome! Ive had three Megane Mk3’s. Brilliant cars. Honestly, all I’ve done to them has been a Bluefin Stage 1 tune, resonator delete, engine mounts, better pads and Michelin tyres. They are close to perfect standard, all they need is slightly more poke and plenty of good tyres!
  3. There’s not much out there at that price point, especially interesting and auto. If you were going manual you could look at Clio 3s, Megane 3s or Fiesta ST. Maybe Polo Gti? You’ve got a nice car, with character, looks and performance. It’s hard to replace with your current parameters...
  4. What’s your budget range? Manual/auto? Etc. And bear in mind some cars have skyrocketed over the past 12 months, while some have only jumped a little bit...
  5. I live in SA, I’ve bought dozens of vehicles interstate. Here’s how it works mate. Usually I fly over and drive the car back. It makes for an interesting trip and I get to know the car. On a few occasions I’ve had a vehicle (most times motorbikes) transported. You DONT need to pay any stamp duty to the state you are buying the vehicle from. Sometimes, if the owner is nice, they’ll let you drive back home on their plates. They are responsible for notifying their transport authority of the sale. Sometimes, for even more fun, you can drive back with no plates on a temporary
  6. Agree somewhat. I think it’s coming off the boil.
  7. Bloody hell! What is it - a Skyline or similar?
  8. Welcome mate. You could probably go up one size in width but beyond that the handling may suffer - it won’t feel as sharp and responsive. Personally I’m a huge fan of Michelin Pilot Sports for mainly road use, they’re just a great tyre. There’s a few tuning options with these, from mild to wild. I’ve only ever had a Stage 1 tune (on my Meganes) because these cars aren’t really about straight line speed - it’s all about the corners!
  9. If you’re after a specific model it can take ages, especially right now. Limited models like 8.08s, R26s etc are even worse. I can’t see it getting better until we’re all allowed to travel overseas again. Then, all the toys people bought through excess funds/sheer boredom will hit the market to fund travel. Values may drop slightly, but I can’t see it just crashing.
  10. Yes. Three separate cars. Two Meganes and a Clio Mk3. Amazingly enough, all three cars survived the experience unscathed. 😬 Sarcasm off: A fantastic bang for buck mod. Plenty of extra power and torque. Enough that a Stage 1 tune was all I ever needed.
  11. Go find a decent secondhand one now. They came with a five year warranty - you’d still have a few years left...
  12. Shoulda changed tyres 😎 Those of us with 280s have complained long and loud about the original S001s - they’re crap. I changed to Michelin PS4S and the difference was night and day. No more axle tramp!
  13. The headlights on the RS280 are excellent. And it’s got enough gadgets to keep us happy. But it’s the driving you buy a Renaultsport for. They just feel different.
  14. Nice car mate, welcome. Res delete is $200 of joy. Lots of pops and crackles to keep you amused! Best road based tyres I’ve used are Michelin PS4S. You can get away with 245 19s (usually slightly cheaper) instead of 235s, and they’re bloody amazing. Track tyres - no idea... 🤣
  15. speedfiend41


    Congratulations. Wow, that finally sold! I was looking at that one a couple of years ago before I bought my A&D. The previous owner was very hard to get in touch with - I’m glad you managed to wrest it from him. Cracking car - especially with those mods.
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