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  1. I dealt with Josh at Southern Vales. He was good. if you don’t get what you want, walk away.
  2. Yep. The only thing I miss on our Sport is the LSD, but I haven’t found the suspension lacking at all. Whatever R.S. you get you’ll love. They’re great cars. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. ‘Better suspension’ is subjective. There are several reviews (including one by Evo Magazine) where the Sport suspension tune was preferred over the Cup...
  4. Can’t go wrong at that price. Read up on them in the technical thread. Good luck! 👍
  5. You’ll love it. 👍
  6. Wow. Thanks for that. I’ll put it in my Stiff Shit Book. It’ll go in the chapter after ‘SUVs are for Ignorant Wankers’.
  7. Welcome! I love that colour scheme (when it’s clean - I’m a former owner of a black Trophy R - still undergoing PTSD therapy). I see you have a TRX850 - what colour scheme? I almost bought a couple over the years but went with Aprilia’s...
  8. G’day mate. I bought my first Renaultsport (a Megane R26) in 2011 and since then I’ve been hooked - I’m on my fifth! We have two at the moment (see my sig), I drive the Clio and my wife lets me have the Megane every now and then 😁. I’ve spent many days up in the hills on bikes and in my cars, and I’ve competed in hill climbs in my Meganes. They are fricken awesome cars. In my last hill climb at Mt Alma I beat the second car in my class (an i30N, pedalled by a very regular motorsport competitor) by an average of 2 seconds a run and I was the first placed road registered car of the meet - not bad for a FWD against M3s and AWDs like Evos and WRXs. I was a bit dubious about the Meg 4 when it first came out, but after driving it for a while, I love it. It’s just as balanced and mental fast as the Meg 3. Renaultsport cars have that fizz other marques lack - you just want to drive them! Even my wife, who doesn’t know a clutch from a camshaft, said it. She just loves driving her car. Hope you get one!
  9. speedfiend41

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    Certainly was. Its not a car I’d want as my sole conveyance - this one is a family truckster for my wife. It replaced our Skoda VRS, so I won’t be in it as much. It’s a great car, but it’s not as lithe or precise as the Meg 3. That’s ok - I have a Clio A&D when I want to really get into it and two 270 kmh motorbikes when I want to scare myself. Having said that, it’s really growing on me, but it’s a big car to chuck around. The suspension tune is amazing - I can’t believe how well it rides on big 19s. And let’s face it - any Renaultsport product is a thousand times more interesting to drive than a Golf!
  10. speedfiend41

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    Welcome. I just bought an RS280 as well.
  11. I personally think it’s less to do with tyre width than tyre weight. More unsprung weight makes a big difference when changing direction or reacting to bumps.
  12. Congratulations! As I’ve found, matte grey is fantastic at hiding dust. I love it.
  13. Got an 2006 1050 Speed Triple in Scorched Earth Yellow (Triumph colour- worth owning just for that name). About 35000km on it. Don't ride particularly hard but hold my own in most company. Love this bike. 

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