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Should I Or Shouldn't I


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Hi All, 


Not an owner yet, but currently considering a 250/265 Megane as daily driver. 

Have been looking into them a fair bit, and really can't find anything remotely close when it comes to bang for buck, but also looking a little unique. 


My dilema though, is can i live with it as a daily. 


I currently have a 92 R32 N1 GTR in the garage, which i barely drive as its not really a car i can leave everywhere, being 1 of only 228 made, and 1 of less than 5 in the country. 

The other dailys are a Murano SUV, and little Mirage :)


I've always owned some type of "performance" car, mainly Skylines, and although i give the 32 a hug goodnight every night (even after 6 years), I'm over not have something fun for the day to day. 


This is where the Renault maybe comes in. 


Are there a lot of members who use the RS as a kids taxi? 


I have 2 boys, 11 and 9, that will be in the car regularly. 


Are they comfortable for rear passengers for trips of around 1 hours or so. 


And also has anyone taken a young family away in one without issue? 

Think, 6 hour + drives with enough luggage for 4 for a few days? 


Sorry for all the questions, but have been in love with the RS since its release, and i think its time to finally get in one. 

Just want to ensure i won't regret it. 





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Mate I have always had jdm cars and basically they always became too track focused when the mod bug kicked in.  Eventually becoming a pain in the a$$ to use as daily's, my wife hated them and my little 3yo thought they were too loud  :rofl:


I recently bought a facelift rs265 and it's one of the best decisions I have ever made car wise - awesome handling, great performance, looks great, quite unique, now has a nice long warranty.  We can easily fit a car seat in the back and its pretty comfy for her.


If you are carrying around two kids at around 10yo, the passenger seat would probably have to be pulled forward enough to allow the leg room in the back (if you go the recaro route) but should be fine :)


do it.

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Like Numbnut, I think you should test drive one before you commit.


I find the suspension pretty harsh for a daily driver so my car only visits the hills, but in saying that my lower back is in average condition. The Recaro's don't help either on long drives, IMO there isn't enough cushioning on the seat bottom to compensate for the stiff suspension. BUT they are the only seats to have if you want to drive your car the way they designed it to.


If you love the way the Megane drives you should still pull the trigger; and go with the Recaro's. I opted for the 18 inchers as I test drove both wheel sizes and found the 18's to ride better on our poorly maintained roads. Not sure about others but it was quite noticeable to me.


All the best!

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Firstly Hi and welcome to the forum.  Nice vehicle the N1 - sounds like a great thing, and you obviously share a passion for interesting performance cars.


My suggestion to assist answer your question is to follow the advice below in order (and you will gets lots of other good advice on the forum here too to assist your quest):


1.  Complete all research as to vehicle specifications and key parameters.  Fuel economy and service prices are very important at this point. Doesn't hurt to evaluate all rear seat leg space and shoulder width dimensions too at this point.  Number of cup holders and USB connection points in the car should be noted carefully at this stage too.

2.  Read all possible reviews of all potential competitor cars and evaluate the elements in point 1 above for each of them.

3.  Look up Red Book to determine the potential resale value of all the potential cars including the Megane, and draw up a matrix so you can look at the break even points for each car based on potential kms per year traveled for each model.  Allow a suitable contingency for assumptions made at this time...

4.  At this point a spreadsheet may be useful to help present all the information so you can quickly cross reference and analyse as needed.  Really important to help "sell" the ultimate decision to the Minister for Finance.

5.  Look up all dealers in your area for each of the cars you are considering, and plan your drive schedule.  Make certain to have more than one for each brand for playing one off against the other in the negotiation of the deal for whatever car you will buy.

6.  Arrange for kids to be looked after so that your comparative car driving appointments can occur with a minimum of "I'm tired/I'm hungry/I have to wee..."

7.  Throw out all the above and drive the Megane.

8.  Buy it!

9.  Put it in the garage.

10.. love it.


Truly, you will not find a more involved daily drive car that keeps your attention and makes you smile every time you drive it than an RS Megane, especially considering the pedigree and practical bases that are covered by the others in your fleet, you ought to have an RS as a daily driver I think. The only possible suggestion I can make if the budget stretches is an RS275.  Bit more power, really cool exhaust and adjustable Ohlins suspension bits. Even more fun without a need to modify, straight off the showroom floor.  :mrgreen:


We have two RS cars in our family - a Clio RS200 Cup Trophy (my partner's daily driver) within which our two (11 and 7) have plenty of room in the back.  It is an absolute hoot to drive.  I opted for the RS275R (not as a daily but as a fun car), but drove the RS275 before I bought it, and found it has plenty of room in both front and back to cater for the whole family and our stuff for the kind of trips you are suggesting.  The Megane has more space in the back seat than our previous C Class sedan (except boot space is a bit less when all seats are occupied being the hatch not a sedan.  And of course the two doors instead of four - the price of the good looks that accompany all the fun.


If you want an involved daily drive that goes hard, handles well and isn't the "same old same old" in the shopping centre car park, you have hit on the exact car to tick all the necessary boxes IMO.  Really nothing else in the market at the price point that even comes close!


Good luck with your choice, you will certainly enjoy the drive.  Can't imagine anyone on this forum saying "don't do it...."   :D

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Welcome to the forum.


Having owned a Clio, I have to say that getting people and/or stuff in and out of the back of a 3 door is a pain. Drives up to an hour in the back might be ok, but I'm not sure it would be much fun to be stuck in the back for six hours! (admittedly I've never been in a Megane III though)

The other main negative might be resale values - though it may be too early in the model cycle to know for sure. A nice demo or super low k's version might be a way to save a bit!


Have just picked up a 2006 225 Cup myself and have no hesitation in saying that it's fine as a daily - the difference being that it's a 5 door. And of course, mine had already done most of its depreciation...


Having said all this, given what else is in your garage, why not get a Megane? Pace, handling, looks, entertainment, and reasonable practicality... the forum members certainly seem to love them!

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Best of luck with your decision; I think you should go with an RS Megane as well. They appear to work as a occasional family car from what others have said; why not? Very much a fan of the N1 GTR! and the R32 version was the rarest?


Good checklist No.152

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Best of luck with your decision; I think you should go with an RS Megane as well. They appear to work as a occasional family car from what others have said; why not? Very much a fan of the N1 GTR! and the R32 version was the rarest?


Good checklist No.152

Thanks AnthB.  Tongue firmly in cheek but hopefully helps put an RS into NISMON1's garage...  :D

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I have a 7yr old and an 11 months old and both fit fine in my 2012 RS250 Cup.

the non recaro option is good in that sense as there is foot room down the bottom when we have had 3 adults in the back.

We often go for drives of more then 1hr on some weekends and I have had 2 full grown males in the back inc my 7yr old and they all fell asleep on multiple occasions when heading back from an outings.


yes the ride is harsher then say a GTi or comparative Audi but in my opinion it isn't too bad.

if your doing hwy driving especially long hwy drives. I have had my kids in the back on some bumpy rd too and hen doing the speed limit my 11yr old and 7yr have both gotten used to the car and the slightly modified exhaust and still fall asleep! :)


Kids are flexible and can adjust to anything so if they can cope with your N1 they will be more then fine with the 250/265

especially if you get the glass roof and then put some Tablets or Dvd players in the back. :)



I hope that helps somewhat to answer your questions and welcome again and hope to see you in a meggy soon! :))


I hope that helps.

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I can back up all the comments supporting the "should I" side of things. I had a similar dilemma when it came to practicality though it is not our preferred long distance tourer.

All I can say is I love my Megane and love every time I drive it. It is my daily. I just wish the trip to and from work had more corners (always an excuse to take the long way to work).

Good luck with the choices and the shopping! Of you do choose the Megane and are looking at the varying models come back and we'll try and help you decode the different trims, which from memory include cup, cup+, trophy, trophy+, and probably something else in between not to mention the special editions!

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Thanks all, esp No152, what a list :)


Some really good solid advice, and heartened to hear that it shouldn't be too much of an issue to fit a family in. 

Have always loved the RS Megane's so i think its definitely worth getting out and having a look at a few. 


And yeah, the N1 is a 2 door coupe, so have no issues with the in and out, especially as they're both old enough now to deal with it themselves :) 

As I've never been up close to a Meg (of course seen the around and drive by) just wasn't sure if the sloping roof and more coupe shape took away the space at the back, compared to the GTR. That and the fact that i don't live with the GTR as a daily. 


Also a big fan of white, and must be fate as i saw one parked up around the corner today while walking the dog. Fingers crossed i can get some time to get out next weekend and take a look at a few. 


Was considering a V36 skyline coupe, which i think are great cars, but i had 2 V35's and got bored of each within 6 months, which is why i'm hesitant to look at another skyline. I think i need something a lot more involving to hold my attention. 


Kinda like the 32. You get in, start it up and its an event from the moment you put it in first. 


And AnthB, the 32 actually had the most N1's made. As time went on they were largely handicapped in the production races they were designed for, so much less 33 and 34 N1's were made as less demand from race teams. 


Thanks again everyone.

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I have a 265 RB8 as a daily driver and do the school and work run every day dropping my wife and twin 11 year old boys off with a french horn, trombone and two school bags in the boot (even though we have a Subaru Impreza as well).


They absolutely love it. They were involved in making the decision to get it over the four door RS Clio so they are committed as well. 


It's a firm ride but the boys would rather ride in it that the Subaru no matter what the distance. 



It has the Recaros in it and so there isn't a massive amount of foot room but it isn't an issue at the moment. The three door also slows down drop offs and pick ups but it's not a big deal.


I can't imagine it would work for everyone but we love it...

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Good luck in your decision NISMON1 - we are here for a good time not a long time. Everyone's needs will differ to some extent and so will their approach to a suit on to those needs. Our family daily drive needs are shared between a Clio RS200 and a prado. My meg is for toy purposes hence being self indulgent and getting the R.

In any event I am sure your test drive experience will be fun, albeit potentially wallet depleting! Good luck :)

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I could never live with a Prado. No nice French Interior. No broom-broom. High fuel consumption and no power.


Having said that, I'm the other way - Scenic is the 124Kw city-bus, and 200Kw Toyota-GT4-Turbo is the (on/off-road) performance car.

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I could never live with a Prado. No nice French Interior. No broom-broom. High fuel consumption and no power.

We're shopping for a larger family car and interestingly though we want a bit more height, the Prado is way too tall. Putting a baby in a rear facing away would have to involve dropping the baby over the edge of it. We're both a bit short [emoji4]

Also agree about the other issues; not to mention things like brake pads wearing through quicker due to the higher weight.

Bit off topic though, sorry. I just found this out yesterday, that's all.

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We're shopping for a larger family car and interestingly though we want a bit more height, the Prado is way too tall. Putting a baby in a rear facing away would have to involve dropping the baby over the edge of it. We're both a bit short [emoji4]


Try seeing if a Scenic is for you. They're totally unknown in Australia and so they are a total bargain from a purchasing perspective.


Everything in them is serviceable by the Renault Specialist Mechanics (to be found on the forum) at prices hardly different to Toyota prices.


The upgrade path is that they seem to readily accept RenaultSport Engines if a bit more "Nice-Engine-Sound" is needed :)


My advice is to ignore the poverty spec "Expression" editions and look for the luxury spec "Dynamique" range. I hope I got it the right way around - the ones with the Leather seats and Climate Control is the simple way.

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Yeah a prado is hard to ignore as a business tool but is not exactly inspired driving. If Renault ever bring out an RS Koleos it's "oh what a feeling - traded!" :) makes every drive in the 275 both a vacation and a shot in the arm...

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