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  1. Thanks all, esp No152, what a list Some really good solid advice, and heartened to hear that it shouldn't be too much of an issue to fit a family in. Have always loved the RS Megane's so i think its definitely worth getting out and having a look at a few. And yeah, the N1 is a 2 door coupe, so have no issues with the in and out, especially as they're both old enough now to deal with it themselves As I've never been up close to a Meg (of course seen the around and drive by) just wasn't sure if the sloping roof and more coupe shape took away the space at the back, compared to the GTR. That and the fact that i don't live with the GTR as a daily. Also a big fan of white, and must be fate as i saw one parked up around the corner today while walking the dog. Fingers crossed i can get some time to get out next weekend and take a look at a few. Was considering a V36 skyline coupe, which i think are great cars, but i had 2 V35's and got bored of each within 6 months, which is why i'm hesitant to look at another skyline. I think i need something a lot more involving to hold my attention. Kinda like the 32. You get in, start it up and its an event from the moment you put it in first. And AnthB, the 32 actually had the most N1's made. As time went on they were largely handicapped in the production races they were designed for, so much less 33 and 34 N1's were made as less demand from race teams. Thanks again everyone.
  2. Hi All, Not an owner yet, but currently considering a 250/265 Megane as daily driver. Have been looking into them a fair bit, and really can't find anything remotely close when it comes to bang for buck, but also looking a little unique. My dilema though, is can i live with it as a daily. I currently have a 92 R32 N1 GTR in the garage, which i barely drive as its not really a car i can leave everywhere, being 1 of only 228 made, and 1 of less than 5 in the country. The other dailys are a Murano SUV, and little Mirage I've always owned some type of "performance" car, mainly Skylines, and although i give the 32 a hug goodnight every night (even after 6 years), I'm over not have something fun for the day to day. This is where the Renault maybe comes in. Are there a lot of members who use the RS as a kids taxi? I have 2 boys, 11 and 9, that will be in the car regularly. Are they comfortable for rear passengers for trips of around 1 hours or so. And also has anyone taken a young family away in one without issue? Think, 6 hour + drives with enough luggage for 4 for a few days? Sorry for all the questions, but have been in love with the RS since its release, and i think its time to finally get in one. Just want to ensure i won't regret it.
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