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  1. Towside

    New Trophy-R Owner

    Through a friend in Japan, but I think you can order them from various US sites also mate
  2. Towside

    New Trophy-R Owner

    Re: bolts. I just picked up black advan bolts
  3. If only I could retrofit a rear seat in for the kid lol
  4. Mate I have always had jdm cars and basically they always became too track focused when the mod bug kicked in. Eventually becoming a pain in the a$$ to use as daily's, my wife hated them and my little 3yo thought they were too loud I recently bought a facelift rs265 and it's one of the best decisions I have ever made car wise - awesome handling, great performance, looks great, quite unique, now has a nice long warranty. We can easily fit a car seat in the back and its pretty comfy for her. If you are carrying around two kids at around 10yo, the passenger seat would probably have to be pulled forward enough to allow the leg room in the back (if you go the recaro route) but should be fine do it.
  5. Towside


    I've had an r32 that had a reasonable amount of work done to it and it doesn't come close to my stock 265, interior is the slightly better they say.. i dunno I much prefer my leather recaros in the Meg
  6. I just noticed it doesn't have gloss black aircon trims, want to swap? Gloss black is such a pain to keep clean hah
  7. Well done, great car.. I'm not biased at all
  8. Towside

    Buying a rs265

    HHaha i know the feeling it was quite unsettling for me also the first time I walked away which was at a Major shopping centre :| I Also find the auto wipers not as good as VW's offering but meh manual operation is fine
  9. Towside

    Buying a rs265

    Congrats! The car will give a beep, indicators will flash and your mirrors will fold in when you walk about 1m away from the car (indicates its locked).
  10. Towside

    Buying a rs265

    Yeah $330 last time I looked
  11. Towside

    Buying a rs265

    Welcome to the 14 premium club, glad your loving it also what colour did you go for?
  12. Thanks Friday can't come soon enough (wish I wasn't heading to Bali for two weeks to enjoy it more!) Already looking at suspension and wheel mods , just when I thought unwound behave with this car. Re: pics I just host them on Flickr then use the IMG link on the forum, using the pics hosted adress from flickr. Cheers Mark
  13. worst photos in history! Sun decided to come out on this horrible Melbourne day.. finally got to see the pearl in the paint and knew straight away I have made the right choice.
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