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  1. Most likely with those wheels, cloth standard seats, but you never know given how confusing the nomenclature of that generation of Megane!
  2. Most likely not a limited edition. Do you have Recaro seats? Photos will help though!
  3. I bought my 2013 sport for $14K in 2017 IIRC. It had 65000km on it. They've stabilise since then. I suspect you're right deet - in a year or two they won't be dropping much if not increasing in value.
  4. Congrats! That is an insanely good price. Insane. Well done.
  5. End of year, end of financial year, and end of the month are generally better times to buy. Bottom line though, rather than asking "can I save another $500 if I wait until..." I'd ask "do I want the car now or not?" Otherwise you'll be waiting years for depreciation to kick in. Thought with Renault it happens earlier than average...
  6. No, but love it there. Particularly Christchurch. Our next overseas trip I want to go, but the kids are still so small it's going to be a while before we brave traveling with them!
  7. Welcome! Any pics? And which part of NZ are you from?
  8. chuckovski


    Ah yes the Renault Aston Martin! I they never made it to Australia AFAIK
  9. chuckovski

    Coming home...

    I find my Megane III was fun at any speed. Unlike my Focus which needs to be going pretty quick to get interesting.
  10. chuckovski

    Coming home...

    Looks like a cup - is that correct? And welcome back! Great colour.
  11. chuckovski

    New member

    Not really anything to be too concerned about. Door handles are pretty poorly designed. Can't remember much else. If it's been serviced regularly the engines are amazing. It's a controversial topic but I'd say that if the belts haven't been done for a 5yo car then that *may* mean the previous owner wasn't that fastidious.
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