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  1. chuckovski

    RS280 Cup.

    Holy crap that is disappointing. Just goes to show the dealer delivery charge is just a load of crap and a complete waste of money. If I were a dealer I wouldn't have let that out the door.
  2. I've had difficulty finding older posts even if there are more pages...
  3. Nice choice! I'm a new member to the liquid yellow club as of the weekend.
  4. chuckovski


    Very nice! And is it a sport, cup, and auto or manual? And yes photos please!!
  5. It's a pretty big muffler along the straight section of the exhaust that makes it very nice and quiet, but it's too quiet. It means that you've got that and the muffler at the end to, well, muffle the sound. You don't need both. Lie under the car and you'll see it. After removal is still ok in normal mode but you unleash quite a bit of sound in sports. It's probably only there due to sound requirements. I have to say if you like a quiet car then keep it, but it's certainly entertaining in sports at removal. I think it took me weeks to stop laughing. Smile stayed!
  6. Welcome! Press once, puts it into sports mode which ups the engine output, increases the exhaust sound, puts traction control down a bit. Press and hold puts you into race mode which turns all assistance off. Sports and race means you can't use cruise control. Enjoy! And if you haven't done it already, I'd remove the centre resonator for even better pops and bangs. Best $70 I've ever spent in my life.
  7. Welcome! Perhaps could go in the RS advertised online thread but this is just as good. Alpine affair has a great reputation on the forum, so it might be worth calling them and asking them about the car. They are very reliable cars, though I never tuned mine I was going to when warranty expired (never got around to it). I would say that as long as it's been maintained well it should be fine.
  8. Yes, pics please! And cup, sport, auto or manual?
  9. If it's an anomaly no issues. Warranty claims being denied for that would be far and few between.
  10. If it's not too far out it's fine, say a couple of weeks, but it sounds like you're like me and things can get in the way. That's why I get mine done earlier and then if I'm late - I'm on time. It also probably depends on the km you've done between intervals. If you're close to the 10000km mark I'd be more worried, but if you've only done 5000km it's not so much of a big deal.
  11. Nice! That's the same colour and exact model I had. Fix the sound issue with a centre resonator delete. Best $80 I've ever spent in my life. I'd also suggest swapping to 18" wheels for comfort and cheaper tyres unless you like the car the way it is.
  12. Yes fair point. Tyre thing is weird. I have to say it was fair of them to mention the auction thing, I don't know if they had to go into that kind of detail or not. But that in itself would be enough for me to bow out.
  13. The panel gaps and all that jazz are notoriously bad on all these cars. I don't think my eye would pick up what you did so kudos for that! I reckon be safe rather than sorry but it could have come like that from the factory... Would a paint thickness test help? Not that I know how to do one.
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