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  1. Wheels don't look stock - what are they?
  2. I bought my Megane III as a demo from a Renault dealer in the gold coast. Never saw the car, had it freighted down, and it was fine apart from two scratches on the right rear quarter panel which I suspect was from the transport people, but there was no condition report on either side of the transport. So it took a while but the dealer paid for respray. The car was otherwise perfect. It was a 265 trophy+ which was only a few months after being registered, and over $10K cheaper than anywhere in Australia. I was worried it was the wrong spec. But it was all good.
  3. chuckovski

    New Clio Owner

    All my Renault Sports have been bullet proof. I love my IV, I'm sure you'll love yours too! I've got RS4s on mine. Love them. I'll have to check what size they are.
  4. I've got those on my Focus. Capital seating sells them.
  5. Yes change over price is the main price you look at. Congratulations!
  6. Didn't realise you could get coloured PPF. Where was this done?
  7. Not all - remember when they first came out they had 3 year warranty only, and then at some point put it back to 5 years.
  8. The price is worryingly cheap. However, even if it's half as good as OEM, that would be a great buy!
  9. Well you know now why there are drive days down this way (when there's no pandemic). Give us a heads up if you come down again.
  10. Nice! If you were driving through kangaroo valley does that mean you live in the area?
  11. Yeah but even Renault's have been affected by the COVID price rises!
  12. I can't remember if I've posted it before but I know of others with this issue. A much earlier technology, emergency brake assist, caused an accident in what was the first car that had it (IIRC). I braked hard in an emergency fashion but then realised I had much more time and space, the car disagreed and kept full pressure and the car behind went into my backside. The driver thought I wouldn't keep my brakes on, which I didn't! So they didn't brake as hard and it caused an accident. Can I suggest something? It sounds dumb but give it a chance: Flip a coin, heads you buy an RS, tail
  13. Don't forget that looks probably go a longer way than you realise. If I bought a golf or A45 I think I'd regret it, though have thought about both. I love the way my Focus and my Clio look and would miss either dearly!
  14. AFAIK yes as long as it's the 275
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