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  1. Congrats! Photos as soon as you get it! That's low km for a 2015, nice find
  2. It's a good question Basically you've either got the sat nav screen that has a reversing camera (I found that helpful), and then no functionality to change any throttle settings etc. With the smaller screen it shows you all sorts of info, including 0-100 times, you can adjust throttle maps, all sorts. I'd say if you want to track it, go with the second. If it's more daily driver, go with the sat nav screen
  3. Yes, all black and standard akra AFAIK. There was one for sale about 6 months ago for $28K. Didn't last long! And I've only seen one briefly in the flesh. Looked good. Of course the RS18 would have been far far better
  4. The facelift trophy I think comes with an akra. The RS16 (I think it's called) also does.
  5. If you're unhappy with the level of roll then coil overs are a good mod. But I've seen the sports driven very quickly, and the ride is very comfy, particularly given how well it handles. But yes, get one!
  6. Welcome! Good choice. Some people mention something about third gear, so worth paying attention to shifting when you're test driving. This owner seems to know their stuff. Many will comment on what they've mentioned: "Full timing belt service completed competed March 2019. Including vvt pulley water pump, drive belt etc. " These cars are amazing, and built proof if looked after. They seem to be holding their value at about $8K so seems reasonable. They were about that when I was looking about 3 years ago! But the market is what the market is. You can always make an offer though.
  7. Sorry to hear about your experience. I've had similar issues with other brands, sadly it's a dealer thing. I have no advice to give as the car I had issues with I just sold and moved on. Having said that never did I get it back in such a worse condition. Fingers crossed it will go smoothly and you'll have your car back as it should be and you take it to a private mechanic with a great reputation.
  8. Congrats! And welcome
  9. Alpine affair also has a good reputation, but I have no idea where it is in Melbourne.
  10. http://www.k-tecracing.com/home.asp https://www.demon-tweeks.com/au/
  11. Ah lunar grey is an awesome colour Also demon tweeks, ktec racing are reputable online stores but shipping usually kills you. There is often sometimes some on eBay.
  12. Congrats! Photos please. Looks like you love your cars - this one won't disappoint. Pads, discs, braided lines were a good starting point, and centre resonator delete if it's not already done.
  13. Looks awesome Hope the warranty stuff gets sorted ASAP
  14. Can't help you with the questions, but congrats! Would love to see photos.
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