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  1. That one does but they're cloth.
  2. Yeah my money's on it being a trophy+. It depends on whether or not the dealer knows they're sitting on a trophy+. If you can bargain them down saying it's just a cup, you might be onto a winner. 30000km is a lot of km. Service history might sway you - a car that's meticulously maintained with 30K more km is better than a sloppily maintained one with less.
  3. I see your point but the cornering function is also amazing
  4. Yep and the bixenon lights are so good this is not a point to dismiss easily.
  5. Never driven a VXR but the reviews at the time were quite complimentary, basically it being a heavier Megane. It also has an LSD doesn't it?
  6. I haven't tracked mine yet - hopefully soon and I'll be able to see if I agree.
  7. The VXR is the rarest of them all and really stands out. I do like them a lot, but you have to like buttons to like the interior! Almost the opposite (not necessarily a bad thing) to the new golf!
  8. Fair enough! But be warned, many ST owners complain about the lack of LSD, and when two of them drove mine on the track they regretted not buying the Meg. If you can get your hands on one that has an after market LSD you might be on to a good thing. If you get a later model the sync head unit is pretty good. The ST hero colours are pretty good, the yellow almost as good as the Renault liquid yellow.
  9. Wow. You need some form of medal! Come to think of it I'm pretty sure I've read about most of them. Strange you've never had a good auto out of all of them. I must be either oblivious or I lucked out.
  10. You've had five Clio IV RSs? Why?
  11. I wish I still had mine for a few reasons; one would be to take you for a drive and let you have a good go. I honestly think you're on the right path. Problem is it'll make every car after, including the ones you mentioned, a bit disappointing. I know I did. Have you told us where you live? Someone might be kind enough... The other option is a Clio IV, unless you're wanting to keep the manual box (which you should!). You are welcome to come for a spin in mine.
  12. The references to track days, IMHO, is a testament to the build quality of these vehicles. I think I was a bit disappointed to hear my Clio had never been tracked (sadly years later still hasn't been!) because if something's going to break it's going to break on track. But it still obviously needs to be cared for, and generally it seems the people who buy these cars, if they track them, will take care of them (changing brake fluid before and after a track day, changing the oil and filter the same, and servicing much more frequently than the minimum required changes). There are also unwritten r
  13. Sorry there was another issue - not loud enough. Centre resonator delete solved that for $80.
  14. I believe there is some software changes that can improve it. Mine is good (software updated before I bought it), but nothing like the response you get in other brands. I have got used to pulling the paddle ever so slightly earlier.
  15. Just take journo reviews with massive bags of salt. They'll criticise anything they can in French cars, from ride, to the audio controls, to reliability. The next car they review is a BMW on run Flats that they say "they're ok because there's no spare" and then crap on about how awesome the car is. Much of this has to do to with, in my cynical mind, freebies like paid trips to review cars overseas etc. You need to listen to carfection and I think it's pistonheads on YouTube. They seem to have it spot on. But that's not the point - you've come here despite all the naysayers. I
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