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  1. chuckovski

    New member

    Not really anything to be too concerned about. Door handles are pretty poorly designed. Can't remember much else. If it's been serviced regularly the engines are amazing. It's a controversial topic but I'd say that if the belts haven't been done for a 5yo car then that *may* mean the previous owner wasn't that fastidious.
  2. chuckovski

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    Yes well liquid yellow is the one to go for. Then make sure you get a pre purchase inspection. They are amazing cars, especially for the price!
  3. chuckovski

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    Welcome! Great taste there. I preferred the pre facelift version mainly because the 2014 never had active bixenon headlights. Just be aware that a few 2013 models came with 5 year warranty that would be expiring soon; the 2014 onwards all had 5 years. But really they're all awesome. Are you after the Recaro Sportster CS seats?
  4. Resetting your trip computer to calculate your average speed as you pass the first camera can alleviate some distress around this. Better though to live in a state that only uses average speed cameras for heavy vehicles!
  5. I'm guessing in Vic they target normal motorists...
  6. chuckovski

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    Nice - any more photos? Your avatar pic looks awesome!
  7. Very nice - that colour looks amazing. You've checked your heart I'm guessing? (ECG!)
  8. No Megane III as far as I'm aware had an opening sunroof. Enjoy!
  9. Congrats! Photos as soon as you get it! That's low km for a 2015, nice find
  10. It's a good question Basically you've either got the sat nav screen that has a reversing camera (I found that helpful), and then no functionality to change any throttle settings etc. With the smaller screen it shows you all sorts of info, including 0-100 times, you can adjust throttle maps, all sorts. I'd say if you want to track it, go with the second. If it's more daily driver, go with the sat nav screen
  11. Yes, all black and standard akra AFAIK. There was one for sale about 6 months ago for $28K. Didn't last long! And I've only seen one briefly in the flesh. Looked good. Of course the RS18 would have been far far better
  12. The facelift trophy I think comes with an akra. The RS16 (I think it's called) also does.
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