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  1. What about rear cross traffic alert? It's one of the few drive assist Tech that I like
  2. Pre purchase inspection, preferably by a Renault or French car specialist. As this has a Nissan engine you might be ok with a Nissan specialist too.
  3. Don't forget that the sports suspension is soooo comfy, with decent handling. In the end it was too soft for me, but brilliant as a daily. As for price you just need to offer what you have, as long as you're genuine, and risk offending the seller, or getting the car for your price. Don't forget a PPI
  4. Well if that's the case, any experienced Nissan mechanics locally for you?
  5. The 1.6T in the Clio is a Nissan engine - anyone know if the 1.8 is shared with any other manufacturer? If so it could be worked on by other branded mechanics.
  6. I can't recall the click from mine but mine was a trophy+. I recall in all the Mercedes I've driven they have it, a kick down function for when the auto box was being too lazy. I hated it.
  7. Yep. If that RB8 was near me I'd think about selling my RS (though now I've fixed the far too quiet exhaust I'm pretty happy again) and buying the Meg for half the money. I actually bought my Megane based on reviewers with whom I tend to agree (you know, the Sutcliffe and co lot, can't recall the others) and man was I happy. I think if it's ride comfort that's easily fixed by getting the repairable write off (but I think that car is overpriced for being one) as that has the 18" Tibors. It's a tiny but significant difference IMHO. The leather seats are what I had in my 265 tro
  8. Offer them genuinely what you think it's worth, and if that's more than you have then offer what you have. If I sell my Focus RS and Clio IV I'd like to be back in a meg III, and the RB8 would be my ideal. That's pretty low km and if negotiable then a great deal. Check it out when you can and get a PPI.
  9. Well to start with they're all labelled correctly, so that's a good thing. The Sydney ones have either mentioned renotech or can be inspected by them. They all seem stock, though the aftermarket sound system in one hasn't got any photos of it. Odd. Any in southern Sydney you can request Paul V do pre purchase inspection in Carlton. None are near me sorry!
  10. 99% of us are here to help. There always seem to be the 1% sadly... Though on the golf forum it's the other way around. Glad you steered away from the R! I suggest posting up what you see and we can comment/guess what it is. Also if it's known in the forum. That's the easiest way! Happy to help out in any way. If there are cars in the Illawarra you need to me to look at let me know. I've also bought interstate before.
  11. You ask why Renault put a thousand names for the different models... Well I think there's no coincidence with them not selling aa many as they could have. Every "model" is pretty much the same but with different option packs. By the way there are two red bull editions, RB7 & RB8. The RB8 is the one you want. Glad you've found this place helpful!
  12. There's a great link somewhere - I hope someone can load this up for you. I can't recall which thread it's in. Sorry I can't recall it! But basically a 265 trophy+ will definitely have it. I can't recall if the trophy will or not. If you get a facelift model it won't have them at all. The RB8 is usually considered the sweet spot as it has RS monitor 2.0 and bixenons (and recaro sportster CS).
  13. Service history? (Anyone mentioned belts yet?)
  14. That one does but they're cloth.
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