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  1. Sorry to hear. Hope the rest of the year starts looking better sooner rather than later.
  2. Good point re km, but have a look at one close to budget and with reasonable km and make an offer. They are so good, it's worth a try if nothing else. For what it's worth, the current prices are what they were at a year ago, so it's worth offering, particularly given how slowly the car market is moving.
  3. From what I hear the 0.9 is better, but as you say not available in auto. Talk her into manual!
  4. Yes it is off putting a little. Still low km. They are immensely good and reliable engines though, so a good pre purchase inspection should set your mind at ease, or confirm it's the wrong car to buy.
  5. Great choices. The belt issue... In my opinion, if something is missed in the service schedule that isn't a good sign. But ... Paul V in Carlton (Renault specialist) talked me out of doing mine in 2017. I had a 2013 that I bought as a demo in 2014. I had about 30000km on it at the time. I got it done the next year with 40000km on it.
  6. chuckovski

    New RS300 Trophy

    Congrats! Hopefully it won't be too long for you to be able to stretch its legs.
  7. Very nice. Had the same in capsicum red. Was awesome.
  8. I'm pretty sure the 2014 cup premium 265 came with the steeves, and it wasn't until the premium became the 275 that they came with speedlines
  9. Yes looks like the 8:08
  10. Great choice. I've got the same seats in my Focus and I drive a 4hr trip once a month and it's fine. I do like the firmness and find it very supportive.
  11. Hmmmm there you go! But I think this was an Australia only special. Something along the lines of what the UK got as a sport, but ours came with Recaro sportster CS
  12. If I had to guess I'd say they would both have the LSD. The reason why I would hesitate to give any particular advice is that the one with cloth seats never came with the 19" steeve wheels in Australia, so I'm not sure what what it would come with. I know in the UK they had the sports suspension/chassis that didn't come with the LSD, but I'm unsure what wheels etc it came with. Do you have any mechanics who know these cars well who can look them over for you? And how helpful is your national Renault in running VIN to tell you what it has?
  13. Well I think we might be less helpful given the location of those cars! What was brought to Australia wasn't always what was offered overseas. Sorry!
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