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  1. Actually not much cheaper (Meganes), those advertised have odometer in miles so multiply by 1.6 for kms.....most are relatively high k's and well over $AUD20K. But yes, generally cheaper in the UK.
  2. You'll find that "old" guys may not be as desperate for the cash as "young" guys, who might need it to buy another car, so they'll stick to their principles and sell the car when the right buyer/price comes along. And I know the Brera you're talking about, it's been for sale for ages, thought there may have been something wrong with it.....
  3. xeno182

    Clio 2004

    The OP (Verena) could be referring to a standard Clio, not an RS? In which case some of the issues with the RS may not apply.....
  4. Welcome to the OzRS forum and RS ownership! The colour was always known here as Arctic Blue, perhaps it had a different name in the UK. My first RS was exactly this model and colour, and I loved it! Hope yours is just as good, all the best.
  5. True. But my experience is this.......many years ago I let a mate (who held an auto license) drive my beautiful (?) TC Cortina manual, said he wanted to have a go. 10 minutes later and after lots of shuddering and jerking he gave the car back to me, and it stunk like it was on fire. Never again. Obviously I didn't have a second set of pedals, so that may have made the experience a bit less traumatic. And I probably wasn't the best instructor back then 😄
  6. The biggest factor for me would be whether it was in fact a learner driver car. Can you imagine your car being driven by dozens or even hundreds of (potentially) sh*t drivers? I would definitely check this with the seller before offering any amount.
  7. Yeah probably been through 3 clutches and several rear end crashes due to stalling 😄
  8. xeno182

    RS280 Cup.

    It's a new car, it has to be perfect. I wouldn't stand for any of that. Take it back and bring me another one.................. [Sorry about the rant, apart from that is looks terrific!]
  9. OK I tried that and changed theme to 'default', and it's gone back to white background - thanks!
  10. Totally agree with the above. White text on black background is a no-no with respect to website accessibility, at least in my experience with website development some years ago........ Also, the background colour could be changed on the previous site, as stromlo asks, can it also be done on this site?
  11. ^^^ In Victoria the dealer (and any private seller - although most don't) must disclose if the car has been classed as a 'repairable write-off' (or you can check this yourself on the VicRoads register), which is an indication that the car was in a fairly significant accident which didn't warrant it being repaired. I believe NSW also has something similar (WOVR?), but not sure about other states. That still doesn't guarantee that the car wasn't involved in (one or more) 'minor' accidents. As for ex-rentals, unless it was significantly cheaper than the non-rental equivalent (i.e. thousand
  12. Those marks look like it's been hit by something, but perhaps the paint shouldn't chip so easily if it's regular use/wear and tear. Still not acceptable for a new car, I wouldn't take delivery if those marks were there when picking it up.
  13. Yes and yes. The Megane 2 is significantly bigger than a Clio 2, which must be one of the smallest cars ever sold in this country I would think (apart from the Mini, early Civic, etc, from the 60s and 70s).
  14. xeno182

    Help please

    I remember a few years ago when I sold my 182, the first person who came to see it didn't want to drive it! I drove it first, then I actually had to push him to have a drive (he wasn't a new driver or scared of driving from what I could gauge). Anyway, he bought the car. He said 'as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it'!
  15. If it has taken a chip out of the windscreen then I would think the whole screen will need replacing. Happened to our Mitsubishi and couldn't be repaired. If not, maybe it can be repaired.
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