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Welcome Sean, You will find lots of support AND entertainment here.

Enjoy your CLIO. :)

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys. The car is #59 and i'm loving it. I'm off to see if i can work out why my driving lights stopped working. I suspect it may have something to do with a.) hitting a small chicken that flew kamikaze style out from the undergrowth, b.) A coastal deluge and c.) the combination of a.) & b.), causing the light to fill with water.

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Hi Sean.


Are we talking Clio II Phase 1? edit. just found and merged your other thread into here, so that answers my question on which model. Top choice of car :nod:


What exactly is the issue?


I might have a couple of suggestions if you can be more specific.

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I'm in Canberra for the weekend and it'd be great to meet up with anyone, especially if they could help me sort out my sticky throttle :D


Welcome Sean, congrats on the Phase 1 - the Battle of Waterloo is on this Sunday (UK v French car show). It's at Rond Terrace. north side of Lake Burley Griffin, bottom of Anzac Parade - so if you're around come on down, a few of us will be there to say g'day. You never know, there could also be a few more knowledgeable than me to help you with the throttle.

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hi sean

my appologies, ive got a ph1 and ive been in canberra all weekend... although probably wouldnt have been much help..working every day this long weekend - even straight after the battle of waterloo english vs british car show mentioned above.


ive also got a sticky throttle like yours, and have convinced myself its the cable because it runs accross the engine bay near the exhausts. the throttle body doesnt seem to stick when turned by hand.. ive ordered a new cable so we shall see.


mine usually corrects after a quick blip of the throttle.


what colour is your car?

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Didn't get a chance to get away from family activities in Canberra and am back at the coast now. The car is a silver-ish colour (tinge of blue perhaps?)...


I'm thinking of doing the cable myself and notice there are two mentioned on wolfimports... is that where you got yours? Do you know the difference?



- 7700427379 / OZ 7700815667


There is also the adjustment on the cable near the throttle body. Any idea which way to move the clip to adjust for a stretched cable.





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