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  1. sean


    Hi, Didn't get a chance to get away from family activities in Canberra and am back at the coast now. The car is a silver-ish colour (tinge of blue perhaps?)... I'm thinking of doing the cable myself and notice there are two mentioned on wolfimports... is that where you got yours? Do you know the difference? ACCELERATOR CABLE PH 1 - 7700427379 / OZ 7700815667 There is also the adjustment on the cable near the throttle body. Any idea which way to move the clip to adjust for a stretched cable. Cheers, Sean.
  2. sean


    Hi Moosey, The throttle sticks open when i back of and it seems quite sticky in general; i.e it is quite stiff and inaccurate. I have to blip it, or put my foot under it to get it to idle down. Cheers.
  3. sean


    I'm in Canberra for the weekend and it'd be great to meet up with anyone, especially if they could help me sort out my sticky throttle
  4. sean


    Car is in NSW, just south of Kiama.
  5. sean


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. The car is #59 and i'm loving it. I'm off to see if i can work out why my driving lights stopped working. I suspect it may have something to do with a.) hitting a small chicken that flew kamikaze style out from the undergrowth, b.) A coastal deluge and c.) the combination of a.) & b.), causing the light to fill with water.
  6. sean


    I'd owned my Renault Clio Phase 1 all of 24 hrs and someone slipped a Ozrenault business card on the window! So here i am.
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