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  1. Good looking wheels but to be honest I can’t say if they’d fit. A trial fit might be the only way to know for sure. Regarding the offset. There may be some guard rubbing yes
  2. It depends on the rim too. Some brands fit and some don’t what brand rim were you looking at?
  3. Yeah sounds like it’s well spec’d just check who did the tune and the work
  4. Ditto brand new oem clutch in my ph1 was ridiculously light on the pedal . Went from undriveable to magic in a few days as I got used to it
  5. This car had some ghastly after market tail lights! Stock ph1 will be a huge improvement
  6. jsr

    New Toy

    Nice! What colour is that?
  7. Welcome, jealous of the Evo IX wagon!! Ha I went to beauvais cathedral in April
  8. I've got one here in Canberra if someone local can't sort it
  9. This should do good things for the brand here for sure Can't wait to see it in action good luck and I'll also volunteer for pit bitch
  10. Yes we were told when I purchased without doubt that trackdays wouldn't void the warranty. I would never expect competition to be covered though.
  11. Nice choice of car and name Mine is number #36 so our cars are twins!
  12. Tentatively Nov 29? I'll start another thread
  13. Welcome to more ACT RS owners! We are Going to have to organise a drive session in the next couple of weeks
  14. Welcome and nice choice with the R let us know the build number when you pick it up
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