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RS Car Model Information

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Good or bad idea?


We all collectivly know just about everything there is to know about all the RenaultSports released in Australia- Some more so then others. We all ask questions about specific things related to the cars- I know I learn something new pretty much everyday. Newbies new to RS cars will of course ask the same questions over and over about reliability and service intervals etc before taking the plunge and buying. I think having a section dedicated to each car and its many "sticker packs"/ "Limited Editions" could be a great thing to have.


My idea is a drop down menu on the home page with a list of models (Ph1 172, Ph2 172, 182, 182 Cup, 182 F1, Sport 225, Sport 225 Cup etc). Mind you we can simplyfy things and isolate it to the forum in the newbies section or something- always can be discussed. So anyway...Click on a model to bring up a seperate page and what bascially looks like a wikipedia entry. Large pic of an unmodified RS car, a specification chart and a summary of information on this car, including what makes it different to older models, any extra options or standard features it has over X model, what it's equivlant to to its overseas model etc.


We could even help these newbies out by providing an inspection list of sorts, summarising what and where to look for faults before signing on the dotted line. This kind of thoughtfulness is something that could save alot of tears for these people in the long run, endearing them to our community and the performance cars we adore.

I also like the idea of a "Top 5 modifications list" for each model. The clio's in particular are cheap as chips nowadays, and thus makes an attractive track car. Having a list availible may stop unnessacery topics being made discussing modifcations.


Gathering the Information

This could be tricky with so many opinions around so I guess the best way to do it is to start a topic each week or fortnight discussing a specific model. People post what they know, dispute what other people are saying, come to an collective agreement, then a designated member of our community summarises the information, hands it to an Admin/ Moderator, who then creates a topic/ page with the information and pics and promply locks it. Job done next model.


So what does everyone think of this?

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I do like the sound of it, very much so. It would need to be a team effort, so the more volunteers we have the better the results. We can actually set up a group that can be hidden during the construction efforts, then make it visible later. Rather that than a messy work-in-progress for all the world to see.


We are in the process of revamping the site entirely, and a this would enhance the site immeasurably IMO.

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I'm really happy with the reception this has gotten so far.

If the mods would like to take the reins and administer roles for people to play then my work here is done.

For what it's worth I think I know alot about RS models in terms of numbers, but I have limited mechanical knowledge. I'd be happy to volunteer as a compiler of information- I'd rake more informed forum members posts of information, construct into something readable and hand over for approval to mods. Just putting it out there I'm happy to volunteer my time and efforts into a role like this or similar.

So dish what kind of members are we after to form a task force? Do we PM asking for assistance?


Many questions :)

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Would it be better for a Wiki side so that information is accumulated through the community then a select group?


Yes and no... from my experience, a small team working closely together will result in a more cohesive end product without the digression and tangential nature that an open forum like ours promotes. Not saying it's a bad thing, but it just gets messy.

Easier to get those active team members to call upon external sources if and when required. Then, when complete, things can be edited, corrected, embellished etc after everyone is able to review it.


That's how I would like it to be done, but that's just my opinion. We've seen attempts in the past (examples like Chris-172's Clio II modification thread) that go on and on, but never reach their true potential and see completion. Once done they would have to effectively be closed off to stop any banter.


Again, this would have to be done in conjunction with the site's revamp I'd suggest, but well timed so that we can plan its implementation.

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Sounds great! Happy to help if I can, but I agree with Dish about the initial construction phase. A small cohesive, preferably colocated team often works best until a draft or final version is ready.

I'm an IT Project Manager by trade, among a few on here I guess. If I can can help in that respect, let me know!

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Good idea, been pondering over this for a while trying to think of the best way to do this. Agreed that wiki might get out of control.


Kind of thinking of two options

1) A forum section where the volunteers have access to edit all posts. Volunteers edits the first post, and then makes a post saying what they've changes. Only admins, mods, and the volunteers have access.


2) Pretty much the same as above, however every forum member has access to the forum, and they can post suggested updates. Volunteers can decide if they are adopted or not and will then edit first post.


Then once it's all done I can set it up on the front page.


I think all we need now are the volunteers.

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But... how will Dish retain his advantage of model information for the OZRS quizzes..... :news:




I shall seek my revenge by writing the quizzes instead :twisted:


For those interested in participating, I'll add your names to this post. Let's leave it open until after the Nationals are over, cos I have enough on my plate as it is. After that, we'll set up a section for that group to begin the process, and from there we'll make it into a workable format.


Data gathering volunteers:






walkie86 (?)


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Great idea, would love to have had a page like this over the last few weeks, I have found loads of good info about the many quirks of the 172 (mine seems to have all of them), it'd be great to have all the info in one place.

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