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  1. Stock rears are absolutely fine and last ages even with semi-regular tracking.
  2. I thought you found it difficult to trust workshops, in particular dealership run facilities?
  3. I think we should make a rule that no thread be closed until Haakon has had the last word [emoji102]
  4. Still not seeing anything that supports your claim though? Any publicly available reports from independent testing of fuel from retail sources?
  5. Just don’t mention OZRS sent you.
  6. And there’s Paul at AP Automotive in Carlton who looks after my Clio and knows these cars intimately.
  7. There's plenty of commonality with non GT Meganes as well as the RS versions so I wouldn't really worry about parts and servicing complexities. As mentioned, they are well-proven without too much unusual or tricky tech and most people's experience is pretty good. Plus they are the last of their era so generally that means that reliability issues (esp if a manual) are sorted. The GT 220 benefits from the expertise of Renaultsport so is a great drive. Finally there are two excellent independent Renault mechanics in Sydney who will know these cars inside out, so if a problem was to develop you can avoid a fair bit of mucking around.
  8. Me too...but that's because I love my Clio 182 too much. If I could have only one car, I reckon a 275 might be it though.
  9. Further on that reliability question - they are relatively simple, with well proven mechanicals that have evolved over generations of RS cars. They are very well known to take a beating on road and track and reach high km without any real issues. Nothing can be 100% reliable but following these forums, talking to mechanics who work with these cars daily, I don't hear about anything specific or characteristic that would give me any concerns about buying one. And the driving experience is so, so good - the more you drive, the more you'll love it - their toughness is icing on the cake.
  10. Exactly - just OEM. Then a month later the car went over a kerb at Wakefield and damaged the internals of the gearbox....thanks to Davejay we replaced it with a lower km second hand unit, but of course much of the work was done all over again! Anyway the car is so much sweeter now [emoji173]️
  11. Ours needed a brand new clutch at 160,000km due to the thrust bearing shitting itself. There was still plenty of material on the plates..... Anyway, new clutch was way lighter than the old, even though we'd had a fresh cable recently, and did take a few days to adapt to the weight to depress vs the spring effect on release. So sweet now.
  12. Um so Wikipedia don't know....
  13. Does anyone know if the Megane GT's is a wet clutch Getrag unit?
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