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Number Plate surrounds

Are you interestedin a Number Plate Surround?  

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  1. 1. Are you interestedin a Number Plate Surround?

    • Yes, I have a Standard number plate (134mm x 372mm)
    • Yes, I have a Slim number plate (100mm x 372mm)
    • Yes, I have a Euro number plate (110mm x 520 mm)
    • Yes, I have a different sized number plate (please reply with size)
    • No, not interested

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So I guess this depends on a few things, since we have different style plates (different shapes/sizes)... plus I guess ordering a larger quantity would impact on the overall cost?

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I've had a quick look, what size number plates do people have?


I'm guessing there three sizes of number plates

Standard: 134 x 372mm

Slim: 84 X 372mm (front) 100 x 372mm (back)

Euro: 110 x 520mm


Think the slimline plates in VIC are the same size front and back.


Plate Sizes

Standard 372mm wide x 132mm high

Slimline (5 characters) 315mm wide x 100mm high

Slimline (6 characters) 372mm wide x 100mm high

Standard Euro plates 520mm wide x 112mm high

Mini Euro plates 372mm wide x 100mm high

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How about appropriately sized vinyl lettering, takes the number plate cover out of the equation.




We have boxes of unused RCCV number plate surrounds in the club shop after doing a set.

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Blank black plastic plate surrounds, can't remember how much from Supercheap Auto, but wasn't much  and vinyl lettering was $10 for two posted from Ebay. I only did the back plate like this - the front plate has full perspex protection and I didn't bother with the lettering.


The lettering would be more expensive made to order, but then probably cheaper when ordered in bulk.



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