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  1. Thought it was about time I upgraded the old OzRS sticker to something newer - looking forward to receiving it! 👍 Oops just remembered we are in Stage 3 restrictions - no rush @Moosey I can wait 🙂
  2. Well I have changed to Enthusiast as well, but like you I hope I don't ever have to use them!
  3. I wouldn't necessarily mind staying with them BUT since I started insuring with them a few years ago, the 'agreed value' (which isn't really agreed - they just offer a figure and won't change it) has gone down 30% and the premium cost has gone up 50%. So time to find another insurer - anyone tried Enthusiast car insurance?
  4. You can use some sandpaper/emery board etc to clean the metal connections, but I would also recommend getting some Deoxit contact cleaner - you can usually buy it from electronics places like Jaycar etc or even instrument/sound equipment suppliers. It's brilliant stuff!
  5. I am missing the 'old school' forum setup...
  6. I assume he has a code reader? Any mention of any fault codes being thrown? Just to throw a few things into the mix off the top of my head: - tdc sensor. Renault updated the design - the newer version is blue in colour, the older one is black. If you have a black one it might be worthwhile looking at that. - possibly immobiliser/key related? - worth checking engine bay loom wiring for any damage/chaffing and cleaning all connections. There are also a couple of big white connectors (one in the fuse box and one under the scuttle panel) that can cause problems due to oxidisation/cor
  7. krappy


    Hello! Croatia rocks - was there on holiday back in 2005. Amazing country
  8. krappy

    Cams License

    I don't think AASA licences qualify you for the insurance discount - they usually specify CAMS licence I think...
  9. krappy

    Cams License

    A CAMS L2S (Level 2 Speed) licence will be what you want for track days and should also qualify you for the insurance discount. Cost is $125 a year BUT you will also need to be a member of a CAMS-affiliated club to qualify for one. Not sure of your whereabouts, but as an example PIARC (Phillip Island Auto Racing Club) down here in VIC is about $60 a year, RCCV (Renault Car Cub Victoria) is $55 a year iirc...
  10. krappy

    New Old Bloke

    Could always come down to PI for the PIARC Sprints in November, there'll be over 30 other RSs there on the Sunday as part of the OzRS Nats
  11. Can I politely suggest that the donate button is made a bit more obvious? Maybe change it to yellow? Or blue? Just that it blends into the other items in the sidebar and is easy to miss. You never know, if it is a bit more visible you may end up getting more in the way of spontaneous donations
  12. Body and interior styling are the main obvious differences, but there are a few others: - Ph1 is I believe a bit lighter than the Ph2. - Gear ratios are also a bit different between the 2, iirc the Ph1 has taller final drive(?) due to the lighter weight. - cable throttle on the Ph1 vs. electronic throttle on the Ph2 - airbox is different (a lot of people think the Ph1 airbox is better) - exhaust ports are different on the Ph1, larger iirc. - Ph2 had a lot more creature comforts added to it like xenon headlights, rain sensing wipers, climate control, more airbags, cd changer (all of
  13. I am sure there of plenty of us on here that know who you are via cliosport Fred Working on Porsche GT3Cup cars and stuff, you must be missing getting your hands dirty in a Clio Did you bring/are you bringing your Clio V6 over?
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