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Currently I own a 05 Subaru Liberty GT but looking to get into a Renault Clio Sport. Story goes that while I do love the Liberty, after the arrival of our first child 2 years ago I find that I am not driving it as much as I used to these days. Usually we are in the other car (Forester), and I am finding it hard to justify having it sitting there in the driveway when potentially the money could be put to better use - while still having the convienience of a second car. So looking to sell and then hopefully get a Clio 172 or 182 depending on price and put the rest into the offset account, while also saving a bit on insurance/fuel etc.


I was hoping to spend between $10-12k, and my preference would be a 182 but they seem to be a bit more than that at between $13-15k. Was wondering what people's opinion is on the difference between 172/182 and if it is worth the extra $$$ to get the 182, and what to look for when buying one. I would also like to potentially do the occassional track day - have done a few at PI in the Liberty - so just wondering what mods if any would need to be done (other than brakes/tyres)?





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Howdy Chris.


If you're up for the occasional track day, I'd spring for a 182, they're competitive in-class out of the box.


The 182 features more castor than the 172, but aftermarket suspension is far more limited due to the larger hub bolt spacing.


As for mods, you might want to up-rate the brake fluid, but unless you're chasing 10ths, I wouldn't bother provided it's fresh. Road tyres are also OK to track if you don't want to run more than 5+ lap sessions, wheels are cheap, and I'd recommend a second set of wheels if you are serious.


Welcome, and good luck with your hunt.

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Thanks Griffyn :)


Sounds like not much to be done for the track then, I guess with them being quite a light car they are not as hard on the brakes/tyres as the Liberty is for example. I had to upgrade the rotors/pads/fluid for that - road tyres were ok but as you say for nothing more than 5 laps or so. Second set of wheels may come depending on how often I find I can get to the track.


With servicing, is there a particular dealer/specialist that people on here recommend? I have seen Alpine Affair mentioned a few times. And what would be the servicing costs on a 182?

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Hi Chris,


I own a 172 and have driven a number of 172s and 182 cups and to be honest, I don't think there is that much in it. Others will have slight preferences either way but for me, a 172/182 are essentially similar, especially compared to say the differences between a 182 and the later 197/200s.


There are a number of threads on the differences so have a search and read people's opinions.


In your position, I would just try and find a really nice 172 and save a few extra dollars for the offset account. The only thing I wanted that a 182 had over a 172 was cruise control. This can be easily retro fitted.


172/182s need very little to be competent on the track. Other than normal stuff (fire extinguisher/ bonnet restraint) some fresh brake fluid and if you really want, some better front pads is all that is needed. A second set of rims so you don't trash your road tyres and your set.


Check out the for sale section for Beewrx21's 172. You will be hard pressed to find a better 172 and it already has a few upgrades that would make it perfect for a bit of track use.


Welcome and good luck in your search, hope to see you out at Phillip Island in an RS Clio!

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Cheers nemz and Jensen :D


Yes I had seen Beewrx21's 172 in the for sale section - looks very nice indeed. Unfortunately I am going away on holiday soon and won't be back until mid-April, after which I will be putting up the Liberty for sale - so hopefully if it is still available by then I will definately take a look at it. Although somehow I doubt it will be!


Interesting that there isn't much difference between the 172/182's - although obviously the 182's are a bit younger. I had been told the 182's had more power, but I guess if the 172's are a bit lighter then this cancels out...


Thanks again for the advice!

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Hi Chris,

Welcome aboard and good luck with the hunt.

As above, given your parameters, i would (and have 3 times) go for the 172. A gooood condition one for that budget.

They are more than fine to start off and come with (cheaper to replace) 15' rims and tyres.

Upgrades are possible, in power, handling and styling.

182 and cup models - boy would i? But not on a lower budget and not if i am expecting a massive difference in performance.

Anyways...happy hunting



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Well the Liberty is gone - hopefully to a good home - and the looking for a Clio Sport can begin... er not quite yet.


Getting smashed at work with a deadline and can't spare any time until after the end of the month. Once that is out of the way then it's all go...

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Will be seeing a couple of cars on the weekend - let you know how I go... :)


Hi Krappy


Welcome. I recently bought a 172, and if bang for your buck is a motivator as it sounds it is then picking up a preloved 172 is an excellent and cost effective option. You be able to get a decent unit which has already had some of the hard work (i.e. dollars) already spent. I reckon the best mod for a 172 is suspension, so if someone has already shelled out for Coilovers and the like then you have a track ready car which you'll probably pickup for the $6-9k mark which is excellent value. Plus if you go for the 172 you'll still have some cash to splash on decent semis and spare rims for the track.


If you intend tracking it, even better and who cares about depreciation on something which costs less than $10k?


Value Value Value

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