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  1. A Clio 172/182 will be cheaper than any Megane 225 to run/service. No turbo, cheaper brakes/tyres, more fuel efficient etc. Not saying the 225 will be absurd but if you think a clio is too expensive then you better go back to the drawing board.
  2. There was/is a supercharged scenic down here in Melbourne. Think Auto Paris bought it, might be worth a call to them.
  3. Lancia 037!! Any photos?? Always wanted to see one up close but didn't know if there was any in Australia.
  4. Jensen

    New to Albury!

    That Guy needs a RS!
  5. Welcome, nice clio! Only been to Slovenia once and only for two days but managed to spot a 172 in Bovec. Awesome part of the world by the way.
  6. Jensen


    Hi Chris, I own a 172 and have driven a number of 172s and 182 cups and to be honest, I don't think there is that much in it. Others will have slight preferences either way but for me, a 172/182 are essentially similar, especially compared to say the differences between a 182 and the later 197/200s. There are a number of threads on the differences so have a search and read people's opinions. In your position, I would just try and find a really nice 172 and save a few extra dollars for the offset account. The only thing I wanted that a 182 had over a 172 was cruise control. This can be easily retro fitted. 172/182s need very little to be competent on the track. Other than normal stuff (fire extinguisher/ bonnet restraint) some fresh brake fluid and if you really want, some better front pads is all that is needed. A second set of rims so you don't trash your road tyres and your set. Check out the for sale section for Beewrx21's 172. You will be hard pressed to find a better 172 and it already has a few upgrades that would make it perfect for a bit of track use. Welcome and good luck in your search, hope to see you out at Phillip Island in an RS Clio!
  7. Welcome. As a non-Renaultsport model I think you might get better info if you try posting on aussiefrogs.com Plenty of people there with non sport Meganes who can advise on service prices etc cheers
  8. Welcome Jason! Any photos of the 8G? 1134 or 1135? There are a couple of others here with both RSs and older Renaults. I too have a Monaco Blue 172, alongside a R17 Gordini. Cheers Jeremy
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