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3rd RS - seeks help..


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Doh, done it again :roll:


Paid a deposit on a lovely 225 Cup in Blood Orange. :hyper:


Hope to pick it up the day of the Nationals in Canberra and drive her home after the hillclimb on the Sunday, very excited!


Big thanks to Chris for letting her go, and a huge thanks to Julian (jsr) for taking the time on his weekend to do a thorough inspection and drive of the car for me. :headbang:


This is what makes our community here so good, and why the Ph1 will be having a partner in crime very shortly.


The Clio stays, hope to get into some hillclimbs and track days a bit more, funds and leave passes permitting..


Now, how many sleeps is it?? :)

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will be a nice, comfy drive home to SA!


I know, going to be a bit different to when i drove the Ph1 over from NSW back home for sure..


Thanks Wolf - should be putting in an order for those parts ASAP.



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This RS disease is getting worse... :roll:


Just ordered some Ktec Black Edition Slotted Brembo HC Discs and CL RC5+ Pads, plus rear OEM pads from Ktec, and I haven't even got the car yet!!

Its all gnsa's fault, he said he needed brakes and so we went halves in shipping :)

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