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  1. DanSA

    Another Frb182

    Enjoy it and look after it! I remember that Nats, was a good one [emoji1303]
  2. Not mine. No black wheels and failing gas struts, nor the Vic plates. Enjoy tho!
  3. Welcome mate. Find memories of my ph1. Great little car. Enjoy!
  4. If the road rules prevent us using a mobile phone, based on the distraction it presents to to the driver, then some may question if your condition presents a similar distraction. If so, and I say this with all due respect, should someone be at the reins of a 2 tonne SUV if not fully committed to their responsibilities? I say this as a father with kids walking on the street and soon to drive, and as a husband of someone with chronic pain and the respective treatment Hope you find a solution and I'm sorry to hear about your condition.
  5. DanSA

    1St Day In A Clio

    Glad to hear your enjoying it mate! [emoji12][emoji106]
  6. Yep, that's it. With it getting cooler I wouldn't worry running 95 and see if it makes a difference. It made a huge diff to the Clio. When you say a fast idle, is is random and self curing, or does it come down with a blip on the throttle? Has the throttle body been cleaned?
  7. Welcome mate. Glad you found us [emoji106] Have you tried running her on 95 Ron instead of 98?
  8. Sounds good Robert. Must be missing the A110?
  9. Welcome Fiona. That was quick! Hope to see you around the hills again soon. Next time I'll make sure mine is clean [emoji57]
  10. DanSA

    New Owner From Sa

    [emoji102] Don't work at a certain tyre dealer do you?
  11. DanSA

    New Owner From Sa

    Welcome from another Hills dweller. Will have to keep an eye out for you. I'm in an R27. LY
  12. Actually. Sounds like a good buy. Especially for the learner. Sure we'll see you back. Until then...
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