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exceeeded number of logins.. anyone else?


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Weird, I got this problem again just now. A few things come to mind worth mentioning though.....


The first time I got it (ages ago), I really can't remember the details.


The second time that I mentioned above, it was when I logged in using a laptop I rarely use, from a different location.


Most recent time (just happened) was using a notebook that I had just done a full clean up on, and had to log in fresh on.


Excuse the technical terms.....haha.....but wondering if these circumstances have anything to do with it. :?::?:?:

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Hi, CHRIS-172 here. While im sure you are all enjoying the fact i am suffering the same fate, i cannot gain access to the forum. Tried resetting my password and entering the confirm code in all combinations of upper and lower case without luck... HELP!

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I cannot log in on my Macbook at all. It won’t let me. I have reset Safari cleared all cookies and still won’t let me in. Is there a fix for this?


Its been like this for a week or so now.

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Probably a good idea for everyone who can to change their passwords to something with upper and lowercase letters and some numbers as well. If your not able to log in, contact an admin and we'll change your password and advise you. Our technical guru is working to prevent this bot from working over our accounts and we are not alone all forums worldwide based on the same software are suffering the same attacks.


cheers, :)

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