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  1. LY would be a printer's nightmare to match...let's do it!
  2. Well, Admins? What will it take to get the new design OzRS stickers on the printing press? "We have to get rid off the old ones first." did I hear you say? Right. How many are left? If what I saw at the Nationals is the last, that's about 10. Who's with me? Group buy on the last of the stickers and let's get the new design going!
  3. Perhaps... "ozrenaultsport 2011 National Meet - I was wasn't there! : (
  4. Are they part of the same family as Hack-tivists?
  5. REDRAW!!! Nah, just kidding. Congrats and thanks for running this, it was fun!
  6. How did you go, Wolf? Did you get your 150?
  7. Believe you just need to register with a non gmail/hotmail email addy. You can change your email address after you've signed up by asking a friendly admin.
  8. Competition running at the AGP this year. As for wanting a free rs megane.....you and many, many others
  9. Got it just now after entering the correct password and only just the once. Since when have we had the captcha thingy anyway??
  10. Feeling really bad now....."Here, newbie, have a bunny rabbit with LARGE SHARP POINTY TEETH!!!"
  11. Innocent enough mods (most of which can be found here on the forum). If the servicing has been done per the logbook, it shouldn't need belts until 120k km service - but you would need to have a look at the service manual to check. Looks neat and tidy in the pics. Think it would be well worth the look at. If you can, get someone who knows how an RSC should handle to come with you just in case there's something mechanically wrong lurking there. Price is perhaps a smidge on the high side for the kms - but it is a rarer car and looks to be in fine condition. Have fun - and welcome to the forum!
  12. Was trying to send a PM today and I keep getting the 'Nationals 2009' group coming up in the group list for recipients. I've tried deleting it, several different ways, but it is there again every time I go into my PMs again. Help!
  13. Griff can speak from experience. Just three years on the paint and the Gordini stripes have left marks - and the paintwork where the stickers weren't has faded ever-so-slightly. Also not convinced you'd get residue adhesive off with a clay bar - I'd be thinking more along the lines of solvent to dissolve the adhesive (bad news for paint). And the heat-and-peel method only works if the sticker hasn't deteriorated. If it has, it won't peel off in nice big pieces - it'll shatter.
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