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  1. welcome. well looked after, 182 Cups are the best budget steers on this planet.. NA + light + handling. good choice and congrats!
  2. Hi Stuart, welcome to the forum. As for the aircon, probably need to check if there is a leak (seems to be common on the tx/high pressure valve on Ph II Clios). A specialist aircon shop should be able to either use an electronic aircon leak detector or regas with items that show leaks under ultraviolet light (~$90) and then work it out from there. what needs to be done. Best of luck, good to hear you're still enjoying the little beast.
  3. warm welcome to the forum. Lovely story Dale! Hope you enjoy the new job and the the new car!
  4. wiresharked my work connection... looks like my laptop wifi and lan connections were both active, confusing the proxy server at work. looks stable now, haven't been dropped out yet for 45 minutes
  5. i get these 5 minute dropouts when I log into OZRS from work. Using the same computer & browser at home using home broadband it does not happen. Web access at work is via a proxy server in Singapore, at home its a direct connection to the ISP. Are the people having these problems going through some sort of web proxy server too?
  6. that's for the heads up Bremund! thanks for helping run the site and making it all so easy and enjoyable for the rest of us. Is there a time you don't want us to post or do anything on OZRS, i.e. after 6pm Friday night no more posts?
  7. warm welcome Portti! wow... beautiful landscape pics with the 265!
  8. good to hear from you Dave! have fun at the drive day!
  9. another twin brother!!! welcome to NA fun zone (4.5K - 7.2K rpm). how to test it? treat it light a grown up go-kart and it should bring a smile to your face.. if not, something is wrong
  10. welcome Ray! glad you're loving the clio. I think you're the first Newcastrian here with a Clio III. I can see you fanging it around the Mt Sugarloaf/West Wallsend, Bucketts Way and the Chicester Dam roads.
  11. Thanks Riz, well, I still don't feel as confident in corners as I did in the 182, the way the car communicates which also comes from being so light, I don't feel in the 250. i reckon give you a week or two, you'll forget the old faithful, the 250 is just so modern and so much better built.. suspect missus secretly loves it but won't admit it..
  12. congrats Braden! love the white, so happy for you.. be interesting to gather your thoughts with going from the hooligan 182 to the 250's turbo
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