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  1. If you've ever driven a new 182 Cup you would realise how good these cars are. I still regret selling mine. A new exhaust is worthwhile if the old one is rusty or falling apart, but be careful you don't get a droner. Many people complained of droning exhausts with the 182. Tune for drivability? Forget it, the car is amazingly flexible with gobs of torque at low revs, you have 80% of the torque available from 2000 rpm. Shocks, at least replace with OEM shocks and new bushes. Also look at your steering arm bushes, engine mounts etc as all wear out and new mounts make the car feel nice and tight. A 4 km commute? Find a longer way home. Your engine is barely warm in 4 km cheers, r
  2. I guess they are pics that Dish has taken, some certainly look like his work...? Dish?
  3. CAMS Track events? Do any insurance companies cover track events? That would be a very expensive option if available....
  4. OK I rummaged a bit more and found my way into the system search options and I don't think its a good idea to lower the character count to three. The search function is set to wildcard results so searching for "exam" should also return "examine" and "hexamine" and when two words are used the default is an AND search so any results will need to contain both words, unlike the optional NOT search. Stick with it, refine your search terms, and you should find what your after.
  5. Well, the flip side is that the fewer characters you can search for the more results you get back and the less value those results. I tried to check into the search parameters for this forum but couldn't see where they reside so you'll have to wait till another admin picks up on thie thread. Despite that, I truelyt doubt you really want every result for 172 or 182, but more likely special combinations so you can quickly narrow down your search outcomes. Withiout the ability to filter results or use global search terms I don't think there is much we can do for you in this regards, at this stage. cheers,
  6. And thats that, cheers everyone and happy Hogmanay!
  7. Exactly the admins point of view my friend, and many of the forums members also. Segue time...
  8. Only 50 being made, do you really think any will make it here? I imagine they will all sell like hotcakes in the UK...
  9. Umm, some of us have facebook access barred. Keeping stuff within the existing site is preferable really.
  10. Hang on, you can can't you? I've got heaps on mine! Yes, thats correct, you can post pics into your garage.
  11. Crickey, its this Sunday isn't it? Not sure to be honest. I have a lot on this weekend. We'll see, we may, its just depends on what else we have to do that day.
  12. Mundaring Weir Road is an excellent drive however my favorite part of the whole road is the climb back up towards the hotel from the base of the weir down near the pump station. When I drove this in the Spider I used to really hammer those series of beautiful left/right curves Driving down that same section is just not as much fun as your looking over, and right on, the edge much of the time.... There would appear to be heaps of Renaultsport cars in the Mundaring area including the other Spider, an Alpine and various other Renaults....
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