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Now an official member!!!!!!


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Well, i think i can now be accepted as an official RS owner! I actually purchased my car this time! :mrgreen:


So hello to everyone, and i now have a nice little blue mk1 172 cup in my hot little hands :hyper:


Talk about a long time coming, but i got there in the end! YAY!


I will post up my "epic" detailing saga of the clio once i get time to give it a good once over after my exams in June....stay tuned! :dance:

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Congrats Brenda!!!


Super jealous... :wink:

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hehehe, thanks, u can let chrissy boy know and tell him to stop picking on me and keep his pants on!


Well he is trying to sleep at the moment but Teki and I might just have to go and wake him up to tell him :wink:

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Congrats Brendan! My only concern is... the meggy will get driven even less!


Look forward to seeing it in the flesh. I'm very jealous (this is something I've been wishing I could get for the last 3 months...)

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Whens the next social KK meet? I wanna show off my new clio! :P

You organise one you show-off :)


Yeah Brenda, what about all of the other social events that you never come to?


We know you love donuts, but the drive days are more fun! :wink:

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