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  1. Aitch

    Is a 172 for me?

    But you've both got 205s so you should be used to some rattles.
  2. Aitch

    808 8OY

    Can you put a rotor-motor in a Lotus I wonder? 20B would be fooolllly sik. Congrats on the new one, LY 265 really something (can I have a go?). Cheers Aitch.
  3. Aitch

    808 8OY

    Can't believe you passed on the new Corolla? I'm sure they come in yellow Or perhaps the real 808? Nice one here. http://www.boostclassifieds.com.au/adve ... -Sale.html
  4. Aitch

    She's back...

    Very nice car, nearly bought it myself.
  5. Aitch

    New 172 Ph1!

    Welcome. It's not blue and in Birchgrove by any chance? Ph1 cat is a blockage, better with a sports cat anyway. Cheers Aitch Carded it.
  6. Always wanted one of those final 205GTi Classics in the dark green. With a Mi16 heart-transplant would be a fine thing indeed
  7. Aitch

    Bitter sweet 172

    Sounds like we could make an OZRS clio out of bits. Could be a project for a Nats?
  8. Aitch

    Bitter sweet 172

    Out of my spares only the exhaust will be different, and only a bit different at the cat end.
  9. Aitch

    Bitter sweet 172

    Got lots of parts too. Most Ph1 parts will fit the Ph2 Big top mount, stock suspension, cat back exhaust. Front disks. My car very low mileage, just been modding. I'm across the road from Walkie.
  10. Aitch

    RS 182 in Melb

    Welcome from Control. No idea about your problem, but don't expect the A/C to keep working either. Quite a few ex 205-ers in the forums, RSC was the only way to go (for me at least)
  11. Quite a few ex 205ers on the forum. The Clio is the logical extension of the same idea. Peugeot dropped the ball with the 206 and haven't picked it back up again.
  12. Actually wife was carded my Moosey, Drummoyne Pool I thought? Not even a proper card, just a scrawl on the back of a business card.
  13. Indeed, be surprised if quite a few don't pop up around here shortly. Jeff's and old man, why doesn't he get one of the cheapies to prove your point?
  14. I've been on 3 day longer than Jeffster, just noticed. He's just being funny because he hasn't got one. Teki driving a Bimmer. Chris has finally got a job. The site has changed constantly while I've been on. Nice people, good vibe. May that continue. The big change is that now there are the old cheap ones available. In come the young'ens. (I wish I'd had one when I was a kid)
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