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  1. hi there did you own the black r26 number 1372

  2. I second that .... 1 Clio Sport, 4 Megane Sport, 2 Scenic's, 2 Feugo (before your time i would guess), 1 x 17 & my 1967 R10 All of my cars have never let me down, All my Megan's have been great, sure they had silly things go wrong, but since the 250 not a thing. not all Renault's fall apart, thats just rubish. Not many car companies give you 5 yr unlimited warranty. An on RS cars 3 yrs .... All good.
  3. Hey Welcome to the 250 club ... its tops you will love it. I also bought mine from Kevin... what a great guy an always fair on the price etc. Great choice, enjoy.
  4. Hey ...not sure where to post this ... but i see OzRenault gets mentioned on the RenaultSport offical page on facebook. It talks about the 10yr sydney drive day. Top work guys https://www.facebook.com/#!/renaultsport
  5. Dom

    Part of the family.

    Welcome .... Top choice mate. I hope your list of cars grows with many more Renaults in the years to come They are an addiction ! Enjoy
  6. Hey Matt, welcome to the forum. I think you will be really happy with a 250. I have had a 225 & a R26 before this one an i can say they only get better with every model. I would give Peter Warren at go at Liverpool. The contact is Kevin Abood, i spent a lot of time talking to all the dealers an they were the only ones that really gave me a good feel, an in the end gave me the best deal by far. I got every option on mine. I have never had parking sensors on any car an now i would never be without them. I back into my garage every night an they are really handy, worth the extra cost. To be honest all the options are worth having, the Xenons are fantastic, Recaro's are great an i think the leather is worth the extra expence. Not 100% sold on the quality of the leather but its ok. I dont think its all dead cow Give Kevin at Peter Warrens a go, i dont think you will be disapointed in the service or the price. Good luck mate
  7. Hey Pete, nice one mate ... i have had mine since Dec as well and loving it. They look tops in white
  8. Congrats on your purchase .... Its TOPS ! I have also seen the black 250 in Balmain ... Macaroon anyone?
  9. Dom

    Hello from the uk

    Hi James ... Welcome to OZ RenaultSport ... Nice line up mate
  10. Welcome Michael ... Nice to see more people join up, Paul V is your man i am told Enjoy mate
  11. Hip Hip Horray ! Well done mate, as i said i was really blown away by his service, the other dealers should take note ! I waited nearly 6 mths & didnt even have the opertunitiy to drive one see one until the motor show....so your time will go fast. Something i found out, it looks like cars made from end of Dec will have white highlights on the speedo so it should make it easier to see how fast your going....so your will trully be a 2011 spec. What a great way to see in 2011, congrats . Big thumbs up to Kevin & Peter Warrens
  12. Hey Brett, Good to see Kevin was his usual helpful self. As i said great guy, really looked after me when others just pissed me off. see my thoughts here - viewtopic.php?f=11&t=18675 Good luck mate .... i am sure he will do you a good deal, dont forget the change over is the issue not what he gives you. If you own the car the issue is how much to upgrade. If you dont own the car and need to pay it out ... its still the same really, but you might need to massage the numbers. Anyways ... Look forward to hearing the good news ...you wont regret it
  13. Hey Brett, Welcome, Dont give up yet. I had the same experience with Northshore & RD. I have bought 6 new Renaults and i have to say that Kevin at Peter Warrens has blown me away with his service and the price Ring his mobile 0439 709 708 .... I am sure he wont mind you calling him directly. Its really disapointing to hear how some of the dealers treat people, Renault really need to lift their game on this sort of stuff if they ever want to be a real player in the Aust Market. If you were a illinformed person who was not on the this forum you would have given up and bought a hum drum VW. They need to get a mistery buyer in to these dealerships and really give the people a work out and if they dont come up to standard ...then piss them off. They are doing nothing for the brand here in Oz. Ok thats me off my soap box ! Try Peter Warren, Tell Kevin your a mate of Steven and I
  14. Dom

    New to RS

    Hey Pete ... I see you have been around the Megane III section. Mate got my car this week ... what a cracker ! you will love it... the wait will be well worth it. So who did you buy from? I have had quite a few Renaults... an just as many if not more Peugeots. 205GTI, 405Mi16,306S16, 306GTI6 an a 406SV Special. I think they lost the plot at the 306GTI6 after that it went down hill. Anyway's welcome to RS world ...you will love it !
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