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Hello from the Adelaide Hills


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Hi all! Recently, mum has been looking for a car... she's been without one for a couple of months, she got sick of that so we bit the bullet and I found a new car for her. After trying an 02 Liberty RX, 04 Mazda6, 03 Focus ST170, 01 Bora V5, this is what we settled on:






It's a 2002 RS 172. Mum & I both love it because it's just a ball to drive. Everyone here already knows this of course. We bought it from a great bloke by the name of Vlad who inhabits these forums he tells me, now that we've bought this hopefully he can his new wheels soon :D


It drives brilliantly although I'm somewhat dubious about the Toyo Teo Plus "eco" tyres which are on it - pretty sure the car has more to give than what these tyres allow...




My own car is a 2001 TJ Magna Sports, in the background here. Handles alright for a barge, nearly as quick as the Clio in a straight line, very cheap to maintain and of course reliability is faultless. I'd like something a bit more exciting but I'm 18 and can afford insurance for it so that's that really. I get to drive the Clio when the chance arises so w00t!!


Me, I'm into photography and cars, work at a Dick Smith in the city and am on a gap year.



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Welcome! Good work picking up Vlad's RSC! It looks great with the charcoal wheels & badges.


There is a photography thread in off topic if you're interested & there are a few pro's amongst the ranks. I have an keen interest in the subject too!


Hopefully you get to drive the RSC lots 8)



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I think emu would probably be older than mofo's mum LOL so he might be keen to meet her :wink:


Welcome mate, and it's amazing how many RS owners are into photography (myself inc.)


Cheers, Dish.

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Jees Dishan, you're bloody matchmaking now !!!


Fact is, you may be psychic, any mature woman who has the balls, courage , and difference to fang away in an RSC would definitely get my testesterone levels up to a bloody dangerous level


Look out Matchmakers Pty Ltd , Dishan is serving up 7200 rpm music to the randy old racedrivers


cheers pete

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  • 3 years later...

What's the insurance like as a 21 year old? I'm 18 now, couldn't imagine picking up one one of these/equivalent in 3 years.



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I work full time - I haven't exactly followed a conventional "j00 MUST GO TO TEH UNIVERSITAY" path. Insurance is $1480 or so with a $300 excess or $980 with a $1500 excess. Dunno about Brisbane, but insurance is a lot cheaper in Adelaide than Sydney or Melbourne.

Nice work!!


Hope to see you around the Hills, I'm

in a blood orange 225.

Ah, that has changed. I moved to Sydney for 18 months, moved back to Adelaide for various reasons, then moved in with my partner in the Modbury area. I'll probably spend more time in the hills now though!
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So when do I get to drive it? :P
Whenever I make it to Melbourne, I'll get back you you :D
I gotta ask - still got the 172 in the family?
Absolutely! Has been all over - mum has taken it to the Sunshine Coast and back. It even got a service from Paul V in Sydney.
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Well done Mofo.......it looks great


Terrific that both you and Mum are true believers


I'm looking at that 0% interest rate Renault are offering...bloody tempting


Cheers Pete

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G'day Dan , lovely to hear from you again

And good to see you've divorced yourself from all that czchekoslovakian sensible crap and immersed you totally in wonderful insane Gallic humor

Talking about divorce ....I'm in the middle of it atmo, which is the only thing stopping me from a 265 (they guarantee they've got the clutch right but they still won't warrantee the clutch !!)

There again , if I lease it , it's not an" asset " she can grab half of is it ???? Hmmmmmm .........


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Most definitely time for another SA cruise. Congratulations on the other menu of tapatalk, Mofo. Unfortunately for me, the wait for something like this seems ages away, what with SWMBO wanting a new house, new shoes every two weeks, and an aversion to spending anything remotely related to the garage.

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So, 3 and a bit years later, I'm picking up this on Tuesday...




Mum still has the Clio too.


Holy cow!!! (pun on the swimming one)

That be a fine looking RS250. Not sure if i've seen that before. Blue with silver... slap on the mighty RED "S" and she'd literally fly.

Oh, and welcome aboard too.



ps: dig the 172 too :wink:

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haha, fair enough. i remember seeing a few 2010 RS250s on carsales recently for ~$32,000, once they get below $30k i might be convinced to trade up and into one, but its a damn lot of money to be spending on an depreciating asset in my books (i know, i know, heretic comment...)


that and i plan on leaving adelaide in the next year so to lump myself with a new car and associated debt doesnt really work in my situation. i'll just thrash the tits off my 225 for the next year :D


you should come along with a few of us OzRS members on the cruise this weekend (includes a bunch of XR5 and other euro hatch owners): viewtopic.php?f=10&t=22424

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