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  1. Gordini NZ has already mentioned this, but in NZ buying a cheap runabout car is nigh on impossible considering NZ's oppressive bi-annual WoF requirements.
  2. That's a misnomer. A car's setup is always a compromise. Some people crave a little bit less roll, or firmer damping (perhaps they are on track a lot) at the expense of road comfort. Renault has to compromise for all intended customers, and they do an awesome job, but it's not perfect for everyone. fair enough. i was more referring to the distinction between how a car from RS comes out of the factory versus all the rice-tuners who seem to feel the need to get 300kwatw out of all of their cars, ruining them in the process. (with the obvious exception of an RSTune which is really the tamest performance modification you can do to a car )
  3. The RenaultSport engineers in Dieppe, who also work on Renault's F1 cars, know more about perfecting their cars than you in your suburban garage do. When I upgrade to an RS250 in the future, the only mod it'll be getting is a Bluefin tune.
  4. xyron

    Now a RSM owner!

    when he's trying to keep up with harley on one of our sunday cruises he won't have much choice
  5. this is just one of the many reasons why driving a RenaultSport is so awesome.
  6. xyron

    Now a RSM owner!

    because below 3000rpm youre basically driving a bog stocko megane with some leather and climate control.
  7. xyron

    Now a RSM owner!

    we look forward to seeing you on the next HRC cruise, be sure to check out the "Social Events" forum here on OzRS to stay tuned I want a photo of my (seemingly rare) blue meggy wedged between a couple of oranges yours and todds would probably do quite nicely.
  8. i wouldnt pay $18k for a RSM with 100,000+km on it. i bought my RS Megane with 110,000km on it for...i wont say how much on here because I want to sell it before I move overseas in 2013 on here but it was a lot less than $18k. granted mine isnt the cup though. the R26 for $16k looks like a bargain but id do some thorough research to see if its a rebirthed write-off, as a few people on this forum seem to think (see the megane II forum). if i had my time again id get an R26 no question. the lack of LSD hurts these meganes IMO. the frustration every time the inside wheel squeals like a bitch when i give it some beef out of a corner = sad panda
  9. xyron


    the fact that RS Meganes are so cheap for what you get (terrible resale value) and one test drive was all that it took to convince me. OP: dont bother looking at the clio, the turbo torque of the megane is what you want (not to mention the dérriere).
  10. xyron

    New 172

    i find this to be the case with my RS225 as well...but once its in gear and on song, watch out
  11. haha, fair enough. i remember seeing a few 2010 RS250s on carsales recently for ~$32,000, once they get below $30k i might be convinced to trade up and into one, but its a damn lot of money to be spending on an depreciating asset in my books (i know, i know, heretic comment...) that and i plan on leaving adelaide in the next year so to lump myself with a new car and associated debt doesnt really work in my situation. i'll just thrash the tits off my 225 for the next year you should come along with a few of us OzRS members on the cruise this weekend (includes a bunch of XR5 and other euro hatch owners): viewtopic.php?f=10&t=22424
  12. hey dan...sanjay from OCAU forums here how the hell have you managed to afford an RS250? you are the same age as me from what i remember?
  13. xyron

    Clio RS in Oz.

    its not all peaches and roses for the UK car owner though. astronomical insurance prices, crazy parking prices, high fuel costs and insane amounts of compulsory maintenance (MOT) and government taxation very quickly offsets the cheap purchase price of used cars in the UK (in fact, all those factors probably explain why cars dont hold their value well at all over there). that said, id kill for some more hot hatch options - to be able to get a lupo GTi for ­£1000, a seat leon cupra r or a twingo RS.... i dont really get noticed much on the roads. sometimes i give a bit of a nod when i see an RS250 driver (quite a few of them i see around prospect, where i live), but the few times ive seen another RS225, its always been a middle aged woman or a middle aged man driving it!
  14. xyron

    Rsc angel and demon

    My recommendation: Main North Renault > Unley Renault I don't feel bad making such a call since they are both owned by the same bloke. Not sure why theres such a discrepancy between them in terms of parts prices and professionalism. But I have been very impressed with the mechanics at Main North. Ideally though I would still like to find an independent european mechanic in Adelaide as the dealer is just too expensive for everyday servicing etc.
  15. i am sanjay, decided in the end to just keep using this one. the old 'Sanjay' account can be deleted thanks mods! my car is sigged - 2004 RS Megane 225 non-cup. the power and handling on this thing is far beyond my wildest expectations of a hot-hatch...though i cant wait to get an RS Tuner and a stage 1 tune into it
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