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Hello from new 197


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Greetings all and a special thanks to BCE--- for carding me on Yanko Rd (Sydney) last year! It's been a long time since my last Renaults (purchased 1980 20ts, 1982 Fuego gtx) so its good to see that they have not lost any of their fab ride/handling compromise! The new car has revived my enthusiasm for driving, I haven't enjoyed driving this much since I got my license!

Anyway, good to see so many enthusiasts enjoying their motoring and I look forward to catching up with you at future events.

Regards, Oldman197.

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Welcome Oldman! Good to see another 197 finding us (and in Sydney too 8) )


Enjoy the forum & keep an eye out for social events.



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Welcome to the forum mate :)


Who's BCE?


trying to work it out myself? - would have to be a meggy as its such a new plate series (Felix is BCF---)


Contrats on the purchase


as they have said Pics or Ban :twisted:



Did you go for any options?

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Welcome to the community!


The 197s quite a step up from a Fuego or R20!



Welcome Oldman197 ... I am going to show my age here ... but have also had a R20TS( well it was dads..but i drove it ...an smashed it ... twice :oops::oops: & a Fuego GTX2.


Hope you enjoy your 197 ...

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Welcome Oldman,


The 197 is a brilliant drive, just amazing. Congrats, and I'm certain you (and for that matter your 17yo sons) will be blown away. Gorgeous colour!

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