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  1. What's the sound ? Is it a ticking/clicking sound as the revs rise and fall? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Do a REVS check. That will let you know if it's a repairable write off. http://www.veda.com.au/insights/ppsr/revs-check Or you can ask the owner the question. Or do both. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. les

    New Clio Sport Owner

    No 'go fast' mods needed for your car at this stage mate. I had mine for three years and all I did was added camber pins and even that was probably not necessary. If your shocks are still original then it may need changing. Otherwise, it sounds like your car has been well maintained and you will need to do very little modification to it. As blue has mentioned, make sure you have a good set of tyres on it - there is a tyre thread somewhere on here. That is probably the single best 'modification' you can get for this car. The closer you keep this car to factory spec, the better it is. Enjoy it !
  4. les

    Hello from new 197

    Congrats on the 197 mate. Would be great if you post up some pics of your new (and past) rides !
  5. I prefer the old colour scheme as it was unique.
  6. best thing to do is phone your e-tag operator and tell them you have an athermic windscreen. certain renaults do not need to have an e-tag attatched to go through the tolls. they debit your account twice - once for the toll and once for not having a device attatched and then they credit you back for 1 of them. beats having an ugly etag sitting on your car. Hmm, I don't even notice the tag down there ...
  7. Can I throw a spanner in the works and say that the grey colour is tough on my eyes .. ???
  8. Keep in mind ... http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/forum/vie ... php?t=2751
  9. I had similar experience but other way round so it was an easy choice. Water pump was going (on Ford Laser) and we changed the timing belt at the same time - car has 250,000 kms. However, in your case, It is a little harder ... just need to use your head and do some research and think whether you will sell your car before it 'may' need changing. Not saying it needs changing but yes, it is a lot of guess work unfortunately. I have not heard of many water pumps failing on these cars as it is a relatively new car. Maybe the French built something good ! It is a small price to add to the service if you intend to keep the car for another 150,000 kms but not worthwhile if it does not need changing. Get the mech to look at it, hopefully he will say, "no probs, that is a piece of cake to check" and "no need to change mate."
  10. Formula1 is cheaper than a steam clean fellas ! Use it !
  11. Hahaha j/k Just bring what u have leftover nx time when we meet up - if you have spares, I will BUY one off ya ! haha
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