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OZrs Members - What a bunch of...


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...great people!


I have been meaning to type this up for ages, but just haven't quite had the time! (Wasn't sure where to put it either - off topic, newbies or website feedback? meh)


I'm yet to be part of another forum that is so passionate about their cars, and yet also friendly and into all cars non-renault too!


Unfortunately I can't speak for the Melbourne, SA or Brisvegas crew... but the Sydney bunch are such great guys (and girl). We've all made such great friendships.


Doesn't matter how long you may not have seen the member in, you can always guarantee yourself a long chat when you bump into them! The passion is always there, even long after the car has gone. Clioblue (George) is evidence of this. Spotted him not long ago in his new SP23, and he gave me the thumbs up and quick chat as he overtook me on the Anzac Bridge. Gates after selling his 172 is still a frequent viewer/poster of this forum.


I've made best friends with a few members (Walkie86, Danny & Huw to mention a few) and met some locals with the same passion (Jeffster, Moosey etc). Hell, even made friends with the cute couple on the forum... Anthony (and Adriana!). Even the brothers Nickg and Traki with their passion for the 182s. Again, strangly small world with the fact they grew up and still live (well, Nick) about 5 doors down from my best girlfriend!


The RS world is so small, that you sometimes realise you have certain 'links' with some people. JPM (who now has a Subaru Liberty) still goes to my uni so I sometimes bump into him. Mario Carbone (Mariolino) was also an active forum member who had a Silver 172, and bought the 3dr Golf GTI. He now works with me! Small world! Even links via nationality (um, INOV8, Portal and I :wink:)


I can't mention EVERYONE here, but you all know who you are!


The drive days are fun, the meetings at the pubs after a drive even better. I think it's just great seeing such a mixture of people, all in different points of their life however with one simple link - Their love for what they drive.


I think Walkie86 spotted my car all the time before he bought his. It just made him want it even more! Another member Hussey (Luke) on the forum is a friend of mine at uni (we do the same course and classes sometimes). We were placed into a group assignment together and paired up to answer our question. After about 5 minutes of chatting we got onto cars and Luke mentioned he wanted a 182 Cup and always saw this P plater in a FRB driving into Balmain quite frequently. I still remember pulling out my key and replying "that's me". After talking about the 182 Cup all the time Hussey gave in and changed from his beloved Peugeot 309 GTI into the 182. Even made friends with an ex member who now owns an Golf Mk4 R32.


It's just a great forum, and as mentioned with Moosey over the phone this weekend... the passion with RS vehicles I think is what sometimes makes people stay within the brand. I know it makes it really difficult to leave such a great group of people and buy into another brand. Sometimes we have to... but the love and friendships are always there :wink:



Cheers all!



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Thanks for your sentiments with regard to the posse, mate. As I said to you the other night on the phone, if and when I need a car with another couple of doors, the RSM would be high on the list based on exactly what you've just described. Sensibility would prescribe a Golf GTi or Focus ST/XR5 or even a Rex based on various proportions of better resale/reliability and aftersales support. The RSM would come last in all of these areas, but it factors high based on the drive experience (Renaultsport cars rock!) and the people who make up this forum. I for one am definitely looking forward to the National Meetup and extending great relationships further afield.

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Thanks for putting into words what a lot of us have probably felt for quite some time Teki :D


I never would have imagined the wonderful friendships that I've formed as a result of purshasing a car 5 years ago! Via the Yahoo OzClioSport forum which spawned OzRS, not only did I meet a number of you who have become some of my best friends, but I also met Jen, my soulmate. Hey, I even scored a job for a brief period through here! Teki, when you mentioned about it being a small world, it reminded me of the first drive day that e.sport came on... there we are on the top of the tower at Mt Donna Buang when we realised that we knew each other - but almost 20 years had elapsed since we last met... our parents used to work together, and although e.sport's about 10 years older, we knew each other as "kids".


Looking forward to meeting up with some of the friends I already know and new friends I'm yet to meet at the Nationals in 4 weeks 8)


BTW you've made a couple of fleeting trips here to Melb and most of us would have liked to have caught up with you I'm sure... one day eh :wink:


PS: I moved this into Website Feedback as it's viewable to non-members - and we gotta show em why they should sign up and feel (& share) the love :D

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Running late for work but I needed to read that and now i need to add a short reply ... Teki your a wordsmith! Even though I dont get to go to many drive days etc because of work etc I have the same sentiments about the ORS mob. Ok better leave now as my clients wont be impressed if i am too late!

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Cheers Steve 8)


I never thought an internet site would become such a huge part of my life, but when the people you are conversing with are just as, if not even more, passionate about the same thing as you are (and they're re all awesome people), then I guess it is inevitable 8)

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Well said Teki, sometimes the RS cars test our patience in various ways but its always the experience on and offline that keeps everyone going. Like others have said its hard to imagine that the community exists when you buy a car!


Adriana and I are laughing at our label of the 'cute couple' now :D

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I didn't know about the forum before I got the wee beasty, and as a mater of fact I found out from a work mate (small world again) as rampage had a 182 cup and it came up randomly in conversation.


I wish I knew about the forum before as it's support and knowledge would of been great 8)


Anyway as Steven has so eloquently put it, OZRS is a great family to belong to, and I value the friendships I have made and the varied nature and diversity of the OZRS ecosystem never ceases to amaze and delight me.


I believe that the forum did have a hand in the purchase of the R26,I did do a lot of research on the car and of course know what is out there in the market, but for me the comraderie and mate ship of the forum and the enthusiasm personifies what is great and unique about the badge.


And of course there is the cars :P


We are lucky bunch of blokes and sheilas and wouldn't want to hang out anywhere else.

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Well we sure are a passionate mob! I had my car for 6 months before I was stalked then chased through the back streets of Balmain by an FRB 182 (I wonder who that was...) and told to attend a drive down south the next day. Never looked back! Even with a new car I keep coming back here, and this site probably has a lot to do with the fact that I can't let go of the 172 (even if it is just sitting around doing nothing).


I never thought that I would meet proper friends on an internet site either...

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I never thought that I would meet proper friends on an internet site either...


That's what i thought too, ever since my brother said 'Who would have thought a Renault?' i have enjoyed my car soo much. Ever since 12/06/05 when ClioF1 carded my car at Church (he spotted the Cup spoiler from the adjacent street) i have learnt a lot more about the car because of this site and its members. The Clio has let me down a couple of times, but you get the problem fixed and move on until the next one :mrgreen:. I met a few of you at the French car day in '05, and went on my first run with you guys in September that year. The most memorable run was the BLOR run (+ OZRS Army), so many Renaults & new faces and after every run i gain more respect for the car & enjoy it even more but the experience wouldn't be nowhere near as fun if there weren't another dozen RSC's & RSM's around you with people who are just as enthusiastic,




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Hi guys. Agreement all round. This site is sensational and the people.. well just as good. Me being a hardcore long term Renault owner I understand everyones comments about build quality yadah..yadah..but I don't know any different as I learnt to drive in one and am still driving them at 39yrs and would have spent about $10K total in 24yrs..no bull. I could count my minor to major issues with them on three fingers. I think they are just different in the way they present. Bought a Camry for the missus once based on the myth of no issues..but it too had issues too (valve stem seals..again and again)..she's in a Laguna now and a fan as well..loves the RSC too. They are just machines after all.


The SA crew are great and the fellas get along very well. Hell our local contact at the only SA dealer will kill to get into one and rides shotgun with me on drive days now and is seriously addicted too. :mrgreen:


These cars draw you in and keep you there as even though they pop, whizz and fart from time to time they are different from the huddled masses and in many, many ways better.


I spend way too much time on here but it's well worth it. Who would of ever thought?


Thanks to the originators of OZrs. You are all champs and desrve a pat on the back (& a FOC RSM from Renault Aust) :wink:




P.s Griffyn's dad is mates with my dad..the circle is small :)

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