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nooby alert

rob 240

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hey , a noobie hello .


just bought the blue 225 3 door from john at parra , nice guy , reasonable deal . its back to the renno fold... 1st car was a sunflower yellow 10 ' s ' . for those not familiar with older rennos, it had a full camping body and round dials incl a tacho [ the standard 10 had an awful rectangular speedo and no tacho ! ] and befoie that a family member had one of the 1st R 8's in oz . they were way ahead of the game back then . 4 discs . independant suspension . awesome .


only family renno tragedy . an older family member actually ordered a new 1300 gordini but cancelled the order when he got engaged . maybe should've cancelled the engagement instead . and kept the gordini . :shock:


first sat in the 225 when a family member got the 182 cup there last year and lusted after it ever since . so when saw it advertised as a low k demo ... hot footed it out there and got it ! its very noice . and blue is good as it matches the 182 . 8)


see you on the next brekky run . :D:D



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Welcome papa B


Be careful of Jeffster... he's not what he seems :shock:




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Hey Rob ... nice to see another Megane owner ...Welcome.


My first car was a 17 and we have had Renault's since i was a kid. I almost bought a 10S last week as a Club car ...but bought an R26 instead :mrgreen:


I had a chance to meet John for the all French Car day, really nice bloke.


So look forward to seeing you out an about ...Congrats

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G'day Rob,


I do beleive we have met before once with Steven (Teki04) and of course Alex!


I have seen and heard all about the 225 and I must say, you have made a fantastic decision! Welcome to the forums!

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EDIT: oops :oops:


and well spotted Brendan 8)


LOL, i only realised from the same avatar you two used :lol: ............i was actually getting excited when he mentioned a clio in the family aswell, just didn;t register until the avatars :mrgreen:


lol well done. that was the main reason i put dad's avatar the same as mine. cos you can see both the cars in it! 8)

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thanks for the welcomes guys ! very friendly place . can't wait to get the 225 out on the open road next crooz morning .


someone told me renno forum croozs start at 10am . in the lotus , they start at 6am ! hum . do i sleep in or get things organised for an earlier renno start ? :wink:


don't i just love looking at the blue 182 next to the blue 225 in the garage now ?? 8)8)

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Welcome Rob!


Hope your enjoying the car. Great decision :wink:


Although, I saw the other half driving the meggy the other day!


yeah , i can't keep the wife out of the drivers seat . her burnouts on victoria road will catch the attention of the local constabulary if shes not careful :)

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