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  1. No worries Dish! I guess there is some tricky stuff going on in the background to have those posts be invisible to your average member, and hopefully that same concept works with the thread subscription! just out of interest, have you guys trialled some variation of Captcha, or whichever favour of the month that does a good job against spambots?
  2. Hey dish, Do people see the above warning re: free email accounts when they get rejected using them to register? The reason I'm asking is because someone from Whirlpool wants to join but cannot: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-re ... &p=10#r186 Just FYI
  3. oooh, so close!! What Griffyn said, enjoy both O/outbacks!!
  4. hey Hengeli, so.. where are you at? I love reading these kinds of comparisons, hehe.. I've been looking at cars with a friend, and there are certainly many, many different factors and tastes to consider and juggle!
  5. dank

    New RS member

    haha, nice one, prob only the folks on here would get the second meaning.
  6. dank

    New RS member

    hey John, re: our conversation, NRC 182 and NRS 182 are both (still) taken. but the 197 ones are available if you want them
  7. dank


    welcome! we have questions too, including "where are the pics?"
  8. hey Chris, sorry to hear - have you had it looked at yet?
  9. dank

    New RS member

    Glad to hear everyone's ok, especially after seeing the photos! RIP car
  10. Homer, At this rate of discovery in your bag of goodies you'd probably be in the black if you sell off all those parts! In terms of bargains, this is second to what Brendan got for his BO 225 (I came across your posts on Whirlpool, hehe)
  11. perhaps you could get one of those Continental GT stickers? Brendan, we all know you like the occasional fiddle
  12. I'm sure the Mexicans can provide you with a brown paper bag enjoy + hope you score one soon!
  13. dank

    Salut OzRS

    You pretty much summed it all up - I reckon it's quite the sleeper, esp. with those MRT mods
  14. dank

    Salut OzRS

    welcome raku! Out of curiosity, how do you find the XT? I love the combo of its performance and practicality. Does it feel much quicker (in a straight line, that is )? I imagine it's the manual? As when I last had a look/read (2 years ago) the auto was not well suited at all?
  15. cheers Dank, I'll keep an eye open for the account being reopened, he says he'll leave it for now.. something about French snobbery, or something <- that's for him to read when he joins again, haha.
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