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New Guy to Oz Renault


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As a new guy so what to say ?,well oil grease & swearing was all part of my childhood as my father was a mechanic & grandfather a chauffeur for decades carting various lord mayors of Sydney around. My "pop" used to bring home these huge & fantastic black & chrome Buick & Cadillac tanks & as a 5yo they were like Disneyland & just irresistible play grounds. So I have always had a passion for cars from a very early age,& over the years picked up a few I feel "interesting" cars to fill my garage & much to the dislike of my wife any other available space around the house too. I retired some years back & have kept busy doing the usual thing around the house & occasionally going for country drives with other "car crazies" looking for a few corners. In the past few years I put my mind to saving a 07 Renault 225, 03 Audi S3 both neglected by their owners from the wreckers for both my sons & a low klm 03 Golf Gti that had a light "front-ender" as my run around. My reasons for joining Oz Rs I enjoy the sharing of knowledge & seeing what others are doing,then a few weeks ago or much thought bought another Renault project a "sad & tired little thing" a 02 172rs that I'm in the process of fixing up & saving from the wreckers or worse a "P plater" . As I go through the process of servicing/replacing the worn suspension,brakes,tyres & any other components that are required as they"crop up" I hope to find the answers to questions I have about this car on this forum & end up with a nice little hot hatch to enjoy till the environmental movement finally get ICE banned,it hopefully won't happen for "historic vehicles" or be for many years yet.  But once electric vehicles become "the norm" I feel by then I'll probably be ready to hand in my license anyway,but till then I will enjoy what I have,thanks for reading .




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3 hours ago, Rotor4 said:

Thanks very much, but I'm still just a "back yarder" not looking for perfection but willing to have a go at most things.

That's what we all are. If we were looking for perfection, we wouldn't be wasting our time on quirky French hatches. But, that quirkiness and Frenchness, in many ways is perfection. 

Someone needs to turn that into a hai ku.


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