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  1. Congrats. 2 RS in not a whole lot of time. Took me years to get to my second 😁 Do the cars feel much different driving back to back? Which do you prefer more
  2. Friedchicken


    Oh I don't miss vwwatercooled. so many tears πŸ˜‚
  3. 2nd grey meggie this week! Welcome 😁
  4. Welcome mate 😁 Hope you enjoy the RS ownership experience and make a build thread!
  5. Thanks for posting Jayden's story. And welcome to ozRS.
  6. Welcome back mate. I know the feeling. Just returned to the clan a few months ago. It's a great feeling coming back to OzRs. Honestly the best car forums hands down. Active too πŸ‘ Great looking meg too !
  7. At this point it is best to just get the best maintained Clio II. Irrespective of its a 172, 182. Thats what I would be doing round 2.
  8. The 172, (& 182 non-cup) also has the most available options for aftermarket suspension. The 182 cup is hard to source because its Hub bolt spacing is different. There are slightly more options available now.
  9. Flamer 😁. Congrats!
  10. Stock exhaust tends to fall off due to rust/weight. Aftermarket one is a good way to go. ECU remapping - (RS Tuner by Henk is a common one) is a good way to improve driveability more than anything. Smooths out the revs and brings a little bit more torque down in the rev range. Induction Kits, mostly for noise more than any actual gains. Suspension. Really good as standard when new. Eibach sportlines lowering springs are good way to get a small drop without compromising the ride (too much IMO).
  11. Great colour and nice wheels. Welcome.
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