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  1. Don't over look the Clio 3s. Cracking cars.
  2. yes a Clio 172/182 would be a good place to start
  3. Congrats. 2 RS in not a whole lot of time. Took me years to get to my second 😁 Do the cars feel much different driving back to back? Which do you prefer more
  4. Oh I don't miss vwwatercooled. so many tears 😂
  5. 2nd grey meggie this week! Welcome 😁
  6. Welcome mate 😁 Hope you enjoy the RS ownership experience and make a build thread!
  7. Thanks for posting Jayden's story. And welcome to ozRS.
  8. Welcome back mate. I know the feeling. Just returned to the clan a few months ago. It's a great feeling coming back to OzRs. Honestly the best car forums hands down. Active too 👍 Great looking meg too !
  9. At this point it is best to just get the best maintained Clio II. Irrespective of its a 172, 182. Thats what I would be doing round 2.
  10. The 172, (& 182 non-cup) also has the most available options for aftermarket suspension. The 182 cup is hard to source because its Hub bolt spacing is different. There are slightly more options available now.
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